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  1. You're scared of heights as well. Same man ngl i hate going on ladders. If I'm not on flat ground i tend to freak out.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79i2YKaDjJ4
  3. I 100% believe in ghosts and spirits because i've had an encounter with a few ghosts from when i used to explore old haunted places in my state. Was just wondering if other people believe in them and if they have any encounters.
  4. Duk1n

    Store Suggestion

    https://gamebanana.com/skins/133475 Would love to see HellBoy as a T sided skin in minigames. I'd grind out minigames just for the skin ngl. I have always loved hellboy from the start.
  5. Duk1n

    Favorite sport

    When i was a kid my favorite sport to watch was wrestling still kind of is but not like it was when i was younger though.
  6. Classic mustang GT doesn't matter what year
  7. Duk1n

    Horror Films

    those are some good movies
  8. To live life and let the wind take me where ever it wants.
  9. Duk1n

    Favorite Games??

    CSS and some runescape from time to time
  10. i'd have to agree man. Always comin up with ways to buy jawbreakers lmao
  11. Duk1n


    I'd feel the same way if i played more but I'd cry if i was banned from minigame ngl.
  12. Snake discovery scares me. I'm scared of snakes ngl
  13. Mine right now is DangMattSmith i find him funny af and just makes me laugh