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  1. Can I RP as a gamer girl and earn credits by selling bath water in game?
  2. I have never drunk any alcohol in my entire life, but I've heard Kirkland lemonade and gutrot vodka is a better way to get lit for cheap than a Goodwill lamp.
  3. I think you should add a fat, bold message near the top that says If you are new to this game mode it is suggested you join T to avoid breaking the rules Other than that it looks good. Glad to have my suggestion become an actual thing.
  4. Thank you for defending me. Please don't associate my name with this monster Twisted. I actually wish you silenced him longer. After the mods left he started in with "some of you are cool, don't come to GP tomorrow".
  5. Neat. I was about to post a similar thread. Not sure if our reasons are the same but I will also be dropping the GP tag.
  6. My aspiration is to become a stem cell researcher. I don't care about cancer, I just want to be able to fix the porn industry. How many times have you seen a girl with a 10/10 face and midsection, but the most obvious silicone breasts and/or ass? Fuck that, I'm gonna grow authentic implants.
  7. That's unfortunate. Hope everything works out for you. I'll keep your memory alive with my hentai spray and the gamer girl pee quote bind I have of you.
  8. Look, good things take time. Plus that's not even hentai, that's yaoi at best. You can't even see any magnum dongs. @Tring
  9. I think hes saying Tabletop isn't F2P. I'd like to suggest Neotokyo. It's a F2P Source game with a VERY small but dedicated community. They already run a Friday game night on the Renraku server we could crash.
  10. I mean when you dig down to it depression is either the root cause of issues or the end result. It's a big mood.
  11. I like the design a lot. If it wasn't $10,000 I'd buy it. Currently using a Power Mac G5 as a coffee table until I can get around to making it a hackintosh and this one just looks prettier.
  12. I'm also a fan of the alcohol. Like I know it'll kill me eventually but I'm sure WW3 or Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo will do the job first.
  13. I've got a hard on for Fire Emblem too. I have a PoR disc that I guess is worth ~$150 now. Smash is fun too. Project M is my jam. PoR disc has the OG cover art and player's guide too. That makes it worth more.
  14. I'm a huge fan of early Simpsons. In Saturdays of Thunder from S3 Homer is trying to prove he knows his son and says Steve McQueen is Bart's hero despite it being Homer's hero instead. I liked the exchange a lot and I just rhymed with it. https://comb.io/s5cNWP here's the scene I'm talking about.