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  1. Alright guys, so I know we've all been there, I want to hear some of the most awkward high school moments you've ever experienced. It doesn't have to be you, it can be something you witnessed but I just want to see how weird high school can get. I am a little lethargic about high school now that I am in college and the moments from my high school that were like what the duck always cheer me up. (Indi probably won't remember because high school for him was like 50 years ago) Anyways, my most awkward high school moments is one with me and one with another person. So my friend had this HUGEEE crush on our AP Government teacher to the point that she dressed up as him for Halloween and posted on twitter how hot and sexy he was while in her costume. If I can find the screencap I'll post it in the comments lmao. My second one was that I was in the volleyball team room and I had this weird lump on the inside of my butt cheek (If you ever played women's volleyball you'll understand that volleyball players with their teammates have little to no qualms about being completely naked in front of one another) and I told my fellow team captain to come check it out for me. So there I was, ass cheeks out in the team room waiting for her to come in and check it out for me when there was knock on the team room door. I thought it was her so I said come in, turns out it was my volleyball coach. It was so awkward having a 60 something year old woman that I've known for 10+ years see me my bare ass. I was mortified. She never mentioned it after that but she did avoid talking to me as much as she used to lmao.
  2. fruity

    It's a habit.

    I bite the skin around my nails to about 3 layers on all my fingers until they're all bloody and gross. Been a habit of mine since that was like my anxiety kick. After meds I kicked all of my other weird habits like ripping out my hair, piercing my skin, etc. But I can never get rid of the urge to bite my nails down to the nailbed and bite off all of the skin around the tips of my fingers (Yes even the pads of my fingers) It's fucking whack. I curbed my piercing myself habit with a bunch of random things by getting ear piercings, now I have like 25 ear piercings last time I checked lmao.
  3. fruity


    I have the same problem! Go to a sleep study and ask for a brain monitor on brain activity. Has there been any recent trauma? That's what happened with me when I couldn't sleep
  4. I play on the jailbreak and minigames
  5. Hello all! After an extended leave of absence I am back to be a little more active. You won't catch me on until later at night as I am a full-time student (I want death) but I hope I get to see some familiar faces as well as new ones! Happy to be back
  6. HIIIII!!!!! I missed you mwah. I hope to catch you around
  7. I’m going into my port removal in about 2 hours, sever staph infection from a dirty tube. I’ll be out for about 3-4 days. I’m hopefully going to feel way better after this and able to be more active, I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately. Just pray for me, I’m not really doing that well. I love you guys
  8. One of y’all gave me cooties. Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m getting over pneumonia and just found out this morning that one of my ports are infected. I’m auto immune difficent so I’ve had a central venous catheter and port since I was around 12 years old. I’ll be on hopefully this weekend, fingers crossed it’s not anymore than a simple bacterial infection and the hospital releases me soon.
  9. Hey y'all, I'll be gone Friday. Saturday, and Sunday (2/22-24/19) for a volleyball tournament. If you're looking for me you can message me on discord, it's on my phone. Love y'all <3
  10. Niceeee to see you, Empy! Mwah
  11. InuYasha. I used to fantasize about Sesshoumaru and Kagome dating and making several cute little moon half-breeds.
  12. I think the meme is dumb, that's why I didn't take it seriously. Lmao