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  1. Welcome to the forums frebo, thanks for killing me earlier on lego jail!
  2. cow

    Mod+ Meeting

    I dont think I will make it. I have a research paper due that day and lots of errands to get done on top of that. Hopefully I can squeeze in just the mod meeting but I dont know what time I have free until Saturday.
  3. Don't OD on all those teas please Finally have a goodnight sleeping, or is this a waking up? Anyway RIP another good one.
  4. Goodbye and goodluck in life Huge, I know you will make it huge no matter what it is. Ill miss you!!
  5. someone put this dying cat out of its misery
  6. These are amazing, I love how they are so different but still so Fred
  7. Happy Birthday Indi! Hope it's a happy and healthy start to your next year of life!
  8. Welcome to the forums mike! I'm glad you finally made it here and I look forward to playing some jb with you soon! Also if you aren't on our discord yet...
  9. Good to see you made it to the forums Ssykkee! Looking forward to playing with you on jb again soon!
  10. Oh man, you have been a good friend and mod, I'm glad you aren't just bugging off forever. I'll miss you as a mod+ buddy, I hope to still see you playing jb and maybe we can do jumping no scope awp battles again
  11. cow

    Lie to die

    [A11] Do not exploit the rules or attempt to find loopholes in the rules.
  12. I have always told everyone communication is ok while AFK frozen and not KOS since they need to ask for repeats and maybe tell the warden something, like I have a gun or so and so is AFK in cells. Can we get someone to clarify this please? @Glow @Assassin [email protected]
  13. Welcome to the forums Leo! Good to see you made over here, hope to play with you (again) on jb soon!
  14. This sounds like a type of seizure to me. A temporal lobe seizure that probably was brought upon by stressors, this sounds exactly like what my wife has experienced. When she was under immense stress she would see things, like a dream that never was a dream, like deja vu, is coming back into her head, she would get all hot and clamy, unable to calm down. Also she would forget what day it is and what was going on. After this was over she wouldn't know what happened during the time this was happening. Here some links about it: Good thing is sometimes it's just a freak thing that it happens and can be controlled by medicine easily. I'm glad to hear you haven't experienced anything like this again. As for being creeped out as a kid, I would wake up in the middle of the night and try to get my mom to wake up to comfort me but she is such a heavy sleeper that me being a little kid thought she was dead instead of just dead asleep. After that I would look up at the ceiling in our dining room on the way back to my room and see this yellowish/greenish orb rolling across the ceiling. I don't recall how many times this happened but it was frequent enough to stick with me that I can picture it in my head right now.