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  1. Have a fun and safe trip! Sounds like a blast!
  2. Welcome Tom! Hope to see you on the server again soon!
  3. cow

    It's a habit.

    It feels so good! I crack my back a lot to help relieve pain and it feels amazing, also my neck I feel like i can breath better afterwards. Also my hips and knuckles, and everything like noob said lol.
  4. cow

    Food combinations.

    Have you had a chicago dog? This combo is a must have on it.
  5. The iced kind. 7-11 has some cheap iced cold brew or Dunkin iced macchiato. Espresso > all. I hate most hot beverages, I just get gross warm and sleepy while drinking them.
  6. Are you thinking of Oberweis?
  7. Good luck Kuro! I miss you already!!
  8. 118 119 120 121 122
  9. I know how you feel. I started school again too and its taking all my fun time away. Have fun learning about pharaohs.
  10. I hope everything works out for the best, good luck and hope to see you back someday!
  11. Hello mr cyborg, welcome to the world.
  12. cow

    Tattoo ?

    Ben and jerry's headass, looking like you just walked out of baskins and robbins headass, eating ice cream too fast brain freeze looking headass, gimme an ice cream cake for my birthday ma looking headass, hey let me get another sample looking headass.