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  1. Thats awesome Tring. Does it fix the fps drop most people get from playing on the map? Also is it on the server yet?
  2. I hope everything works out for the best, good luck and hope to see you back someday!
  3. Hello mr cyborg, welcome to the world.
  4. cow

    Tattoo ?

    Ben and jerry's headass, looking like you just walked out of baskins and robbins headass, eating ice cream too fast brain freeze looking headass, gimme an ice cream cake for my birthday ma looking headass, hey let me get another sample looking headass.
  5. cow


    Have a good move Huge! I hope it goes smoothly!
  6. Hope you get to figure things and come through stronger than ever. I'll miss you my favorite egyptian.
  7. cow

    yo yo

    Hi Kai, please carry our team on MG every time thanks.
  8. cow


    Fuck yeah, looks awesome Kiwi, I'm so jealous! I drive an 06 Impala
  9. I also feel this. The fishing pics look nice mike, nice and relaxing I especially like the 3rd picture.
  10. cow

    Game of Thrones

    I've watched it, and I expect a couple of queens to be dead and a male targaryen to sit on the throne.
  11. Any sort of local mexican food joint that is open at 4-5am will help pre-hangover.
  12. Welcome fellow tall person, I'm 6'7"!
  13. Its got to be Super Mario World on SNES since I've played it off and on since like Christmas 91.