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  1. I can do a lot of weird shit, since that's what this thread is turning into. I can put both legs behind my head, I can put one leg behind my head while standing up on the other and jump around, I can put my tongue into a clover, I can backflip, I can walk on my hands as far as I want, and I can crack my pinky over and over again.
  2. it could be worse, you could be an african child. did you know every 60 seconds in africa, one minute passes? this is so sad.
  3. CS:GO isn't bad, just a nerfed CS:S. CS:S has shitty square hitboxes (and they're really big), all the weapons (except knife) do more damage, and bhopping is easy and much better than CS:GO. Those things don't necessarily make the game better, but in my opinion they make it more fun. All of those things, in my opinion, make CS:S better. Plus it has more charm for sure, CS:GO is all call-of-duty corporate EA skin bullshit n shit, ya know? CS:S is just like: you bought the fucking game, go nuts.
  4. Favorite warden may be an opinion, but I can say that Element can't possibly be everyone's local warden. Unless we all live in the same region.
  5. You know the map ba_marioparty or something where the cells open on the bottom and you fall out? I was thinking if I ever do a second jailbreak map I'd have cells like that with a ski underneath that goes to where the CT's are, something similar to that might work well in a surf-themed map. As far as surf games go, you could do a surf the gap, farthest jump with surf (look at iceworld), I'd say a mancannon would probably be a good call because you could use a surf to slow down your fall. Feel free to decompile my map and take whatever you want from it edit: with the mancannon game you could have varying levels of difficulty by having different slope angles on surf
  6. I just remembered if you put your audio tracks in mono instead of stereo it saves a lot of data too.
  7. WOW, excellent job expanding office. Looks like Valve did it themselves. One thing i can say right now (not that you're gonna stick with it) is that the soccer ball from spy vs. spy is not a very good sphere. the soccer ball from razor is much better. edit: also songs take up a lot of data. expect 12 songs to take at least half the map size, especially if you're using mostly valve textures. Personally, I like Ratatat and i think their music's a good fit for a map. I would've made all 12 of my songs ratatat but people would probably bitch lol.
  8. I will not wear my GP tag anymore because I do not agree with many of the decisions that higher-ups are making (Mike ur cool tho). I will still play on the servers and continue work on my map.
  9. I'm pretty sure parts in Australia are a bit more expensive than here in the US, but here's what I'd do if I were on an extreme budget. I would start by looking at craigslist, offer up, flea markets and other second hand marketplaces for fully built desktops, and I would look for computers with CPU's that are from around 2012 or newer. If you are taking that route, I would highly recommend finding something at least quad-core. If you find a good enough PC, you could put a low-mid range GPU in there and it'd be probably not bad. Edit: You will probably also need to replace the storage in a machine like that, either with a hard drive or solid state. Having a solid state drive would also make a big difference
  10. i watched that whole hour and a half frederik knudsen video fuck me
  11. If you decompile my map I give you permission to steal fruit ninja and make it better
  12. what? and ur none of those things? fucking skrub gtfo
  13. You have been straight downgrading since your E36. Maybe the Camry's better than the Mazda tho I guess the M5 is better than the 318is but I like the E36 body style more