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  1. 1995 4Runner best car. i'd post a picture but im lazy sorry
  2. I don't give a shit if the big companies or guvment or watevr see i watch idubbz at 4 am what are they gonna do join me?
  3. Samsung pay requires your card every time? what's the point? Google Wallet's been around since like 2011 and it never required your card every time
  4. Google Wallet worked on a rooted phone but once Google released Android Pay it did not for whatever reason lol
  5. man, i used to have a rooted nexus 6p with all kinds of mods and it was swag. but then i got an iphone and i liked it. i may go back or just have both. I'd probably use the iPhone more if i had both
  6. Tring

    New css

    my uncle owns nintendo he says link is gonna be in the next css game
  7. just edited post with a bunch of screenshots
  8. Alright so I've been working on my map a while now and I figure it's about time for a real release. Also I want to take a little break from mapping as it's getting kinda tiring. There are still a bunch of games I haven't added yet, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot of fucking games right now. There's no 3D skybox yet either, so deal with it. The map games on this build are: - Soccer - Dodgeball - Climb - Fruit Ninja - Cornhole - Diving Board Spray Contest - Diving Board Target - Mancannon (with targets) - Wipeout - Bhop - Colors - Death Crate - 8 Ball - Knife arena I know I promised some things that are currently in the works, this is not the final build. I have surf, deathrun, obstacle course, spleef, and more games and secrets in the works or planned but the process takes time. Everything is subject to change with feedback from you guys. P.S. Disco only has one song despite having 12 buttons. Map size is really big with all the songs right now so i'll have to compress them (and i don't know all the songs i want tbh) edit: attached are screenshots
  9. look at the bed frames in each picture
  10. yeah that's exactly it. I think the shitty placement is better than no cubemaps at all. The server doesn't use default cubemaps for the skybox when they haven't been built so it's ugly and bright white. also, I don't think renaming the map affects the cubemaps at least in my experience
  11. i fixed ba_jail_unions_multiworlds with a simple console command but the new version is incompatible with the server's. If you guys want to upload the map to the jb server rename it so people don't have to go into their cstrike files and delete the old one. I have images so you can tell the difference between the versions. ba_jail_unions_multiworlds.bsp
  12. Pic of me on a road trip like a month ago. I think I was just about peaking on an acid trip in this pic lmao
  13. never heard of it but ill try. my usual pirate bay searches havent helped
  14. my copy of windows 10 deactivated for some reason so i have a deactivated copy of windows 10 pro