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  1. 1. CS:S (5,000+ hours got to be) 2. Bioshock Infinite 3. Oblivion 4. Fable Series (Fable 2, Fable 1, then Fable 3) 5. Skyrim 6. Borderlands Series (BL2, BL1, then BL3, BL:Pre-Sequel) 7. Crusader Kings II 8. Too many to choose, a lot of old games I used to play growing up: UT2004, Destroy all Humans 2 (nice shout Moofinz), Quake 3 Arena, Simpsons Hit and Run, FlatOut 2, SSX3, a heap of old Star Wars games like Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy/Jedi Outcast, Empire at War...the list goes on.
  2. Late but, Happy birthday GP!
  3. !colour @aim 255 0 255 255 Plugin exists
  4. Because of @plum/moofinz arguing about map stealing with Steezy lmao
  5. @HunterX848 I'm impressed you listen to kennington ngl @Nation True The Slim Shady EP is still one of the GOATs for me, you heard this old one?
  6. @Chaos Boss I'm sorry but theres no way you can tell me Eli Fross was better than Digga D on Round 4 of that vid and Bizzy Banks was better than Headie One on Round 5 @Nation Genuinely offended ngl, Eminem fell off years ago
  7. I know I got you guys attention with that title. I was in server earlier and many seemed to think the UK isn't really about the life, has no real slums, has rappers that talk about 'tea and crumpets', jokingly referring to Big Shaq and that shite 'Man's Not Hot tune' (WHICH WAS A JOKE BTW). But honestly I thought I need to educate you since I guess a lot of you don't listen to much UK music. Idk how to format this so I'll link one video for each genre of UK Rap which in my opinion best fits and you can discuss. Also I'm not gonna link Skepta or Stormzy just because you guys have most likely heard of them. Also I've realised the linguo might be hard for you to understand because its VERY slang based, especially Drill, maybe get google up lmao. And yes ofc a couple of these aren't talking about doing gang shit but I like the tunes so yeah. First off Grime: Afrorap: Rap: Lastly Drill (the real shit): Opinions?
  8. All I could think from 0:40-0:50 was I see you got the same flow as DaBaby and you maybe tried to imitate the way he overlaps his bars from the end of one on the the next etc? You can obviously spit and have a nice flow/rhythm, I think if you keep on working on music you could be really good in future
  9. So therefore the wall you knife in cells to get armour, and the wall you can knife to connect the two cells on jb_mlcastle are both also secrets and can be considered KOS? Maybe it's possible to get specifics on what is considered a secret? My bad if there's already a thread/discussion about this on here already.
  10. So you're saying the wall is a secret?
  11. This is really specific, and I'm not sure if this is where to post, but is knifing the breakable cell wall (to get the smoke grenade) in SpyVsSpy considered KOS? Jw because I got tapped in the head for it, I know you guys consider knifing a secret KOS, but surely that isn't a secret as it's not giving any real advantage (i.e. a gun or mad superpower). Never seen any JB server kill for knifing it before so would like a solid answer so I can avoid knifing it in future.
  12. @Running Dildo was nice to see you again mate