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  1. I'm going horde and most likely going undead warlock. Just cant wait for launch day the spawns and starting zones are going to be interesting to say the least.
  2. So I recently been seeing a message on some of my games (Rainbow 6) saying that I don't have the most up to date drivers and it will affect the performance of the game or whatever, and i'm wondering if I should update my drivers to the most current ones. The reason on why i'm asking is because I've herd from people that updating your drivers multiple times is bad for the computer so i'm not sure if I should or not. If anyone knows anything plz leave a message thx.
  3. So currently I have a standard monitor its like 60hz and I want to get a monitor that's 144hz or better but I don't know what monitor to get is there any monitor that comes to mind that is good? thx for reading this.
  4. So i'm currently looking for a good single player game that has a good story to it. I don't really care about what genre it is just has to be interesting. Thanks for leaving your recommendations.
  5. Hi, thanks for clicking on my introduction. My name is Mr.Bamb00zle and you can call me really whatever you want I've gotten Bam, Oozle, Mr.B, and Mr.Bam so what ever is easiest for you i'm fine with. I have been playing on the Jailbreak server and minecraft server, and have really enjoyed my time talking to people of this community so might as well make one of these introductions. I have only been apart of one other community and that was EgN and I was apart of that community around 2014-2016 and really enjoyed my time there so I thought that I should join this one. I am looking forward to playing on the servers and continuing meeting new people on this community. Thanks for reading this
  6. I got into watching competitive CSGO about two years ago and have always liked watching the events/majors, and was wondering if there were any events/majors that I missed that were exciting and I should watch. Then also what is your opinion on the current competitive scene in CSGO is it at its best or has it been going down hill?
  7. I started playing wow at the start of Cata never got to play wrath or bc, and now that a classic version of the game is going to be released this summer I was wondering if any one was going to play and maybe raid. If yes what class and race were you and what would you play today.
  8. I have had a lot of experience with CSS Jailbreak and really like it obviously, but not as much in playing CSGO Jailbreak, and was wondering what are the pros and cons of CSGO Jailbreak.
  9. Haven't heard about people streaming the jailbreak server just wondering if anyone does, and how well it does with their community and if it brings more people to this community.