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  1. i can hear the muffled giggles just from reading your name
  2. if you woke up in the middle of the woods, and your butt was hurting, would you tell anybody? if no, can i go camping with you?
  3. Cookies coming up with good ideas? Have pigs started to fly??? In all seriousness, this is a great idea as everyone has mentioned above. Already had experiences in trying to track down steamIDs of people who do something naughty and immediately book it.
  4. basiQ

    New CS:GO Server?

    HUGE +1 been a long ass time since ive played go and I would love one of the first experiences back to be on a retake server! Oh edit: dont wanna lose the pub server cause css is still a much better game imo
  5. I think that Mod+ should be able to let the warden call a special day (zombie freeday, tank day, etc.) either through the implementation of a plugin or just through normal gameplay. I feel like this would allow for more variety on the server, as many times I see days just go by either through rebel hunt days, trivia days, or colors/duckhunt days. This special day could be regulated through Mod+ so that wardens cannot call these days over and over as they would require the approval of a Mod+ beforehand, and we can also further regulate these days by saying that they can be only called every x rounds (my recommendation is 5). Anyways, thanks for giving this a read. -basiQ
  6. basiQ


    +1 please, been killed too many times by t's camping right outside of warday being annoying
  7. basiQ

    Team Killing

    I agree with this. +1 t's should be able to kill each other unless wardens say specifically not to
  8. basiQ

    Spawning Bombs

    +1 i like the idea of mods+ being able to incorporate different things into jailbreak. would also like the idea of special days that only mods+ can activate
  9. +1 all of that. many a times there's a t who unholsters a gun and spends 10 years staring at the ground and can't be killed because he's not facing a ct. this is dumb, he should be killed for having the gun out regardless of where he's facing
  10. Welcome back amigo glad to hear you're doing better
  11. MW2 just for the lobbies
  12. tbh the only reason i joined the minecraft server was because someone said it was gonna be faction based with a lot of PvP. The lack of that has made me really bored to keep playing as I can't find enjoyment in just mining without any purpose but PvE. I really like the idea of this faction based server with a huge emphasis on PvP as it emphasizes gear loadouts more and adds a higher attachment value to your gear. Right now, I don't care if I die because I can just mine it all back or just go to my death spot and get it all back. There needs to be the sense of attachment and fear to your gear whenever you get that god tier item/enchantment. That's what makes servers based on survival fun imo
  13. basiQ

    Zombie Mode?

    I like this idea. If GP ever makes a minigames/miscellaneous server we could def add some zm maps to the rotation