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  1. yeah, ive only done it like 2-3 times, but it was damn worth it.
  2. Homemade:yay storebought:nay
  3. @Lucker23 He is basically saying map games that are skill based do not require demonstration. (example diving boards on vipinthemix or bhop)
  4. blyat

    NoBlock & Jailbreak

    just wait until shawn posts his video of noblock and us having so much "fun"
  5. do a 360 off this zombie
  6. blyat

    Lie to die

    like the first time i agree with term lol
  7. blyat

    Lie to die

    You can also press 3 and see if you have a weapon in your second slot.
  8. blyat

    Design Requests

    lmao looking to change my spray because I've just had a picture of callmecarson with a minion hat, maybe a spray that just says BLYAT! with some background design. Thank you guys so much
  9. ive seen some of the shit on the gmod server, your not the "greatest speller"
  10. happy new years too
  11. @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation stop posting on and put that fire out!!
  12. blyat

    I'm out

    At first when i saw this i thought oMeteor and Duckii were joking, guess not. Anyways, best of luck to you and Duckii.
  13. @oMeteoryou know thats a lie, your favorite non-steam game is roblox