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  1. liar, you drink pussy juice.
  2. /home and /tpr are always going to be abused, imo, its good that they were removed, because people could easily just tp across the map to get resources. Just like /trade gets abused, skooma has improved it but you can still probably abuse the fuck out of it.
  3. blyat

    How to bhop

    this fuckin guy above me, what a nerd
  4. Honestly, there's no way to fix toxicity, especially on a 16-year-old game. Toxicity is going to exist anywhere and if you don't like it, then you have to leave. Also, if you don't like people calling others 'fags' or 'faggots' you're going to have to talk directly to the staff. As the staff is fine with them saying words like that as long as 90% of the server doesn't care as well. The only actual rule breaking happening in these videos is when they kept choosing the same multigame like 4 times in a row and sativa saying he was going to ddos the server, which I expect he gets the same length ban that I got.
  5. true, logical had to reduce the ljs on his map so they were easier for gp
  6. blyat


    Like you do in normal pugs
  7. blyat


    Wow an actual good suggestion That shits crazy
  8. it's a joke, me and Adam are good
  9. wow now i can pass my essay exam thanks cunt
  10. type in chat ";retry or open console and type retry then press enter after either
  11. completely agreeing with element here
  12. +1 Otto der Große#6304