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  1. dont forget to give me the 5 dollars you owe me before you leave.... JK. Cya man. GL
  2. im in. hopefully it will go with my schedule for work
  3. 100 traps Olympic games? @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation
  4. I have taken back my throne, as the tied medalist.
  5. So with my new computer I have noticed I can pretty much do anything I wasn't able to do before. I have been speed running 100 Traps in the mornings trying to get my best time I have ever hit, I think 22 minutes. Today I got a 20 minute run and it was amazing, so now I want to challenge you. THIS MUST BE DONE ON THE GP SERVER! NO OTHER SERVERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THIS CHALLENGE! If you can beat my score, no interference by admins, no hacks, no anything other than your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, I will personally give you 20k on mg. All you have to do, if you beat it, is to post a screenshot as I have, in the final room, right after you beat it. I suggest even if you beat it and it wasn't better than my time, to post it so everyone can see how good you are. Here are my stats for this run: 5 Traps per minute- 32 fails(if counted right)- 20 minutes(the 52 seconds were when I was trying to find my screenshot button(which is F12))- The only way you can beat my score is if you: Get a faster time than me(Obviously)- Less fails, unless made up for speed- More than 5 Traps per minute- If you beat it, show me the screenshot in the exact way I took mine, I can tell if any admins were involved. only use the CSS timer. If you are trying to beat my time make sure you: Rejoin before you start(if you don't the time before either changing maps or standing still at the start will raise your time, if its not better than my time, you lose, even if you have an excuse)- Screenshot in the exact way I did, with the css timer open and in the final room(you want to do this the exact moment you win)- So yeah, I challenge you, if you win you get 20k credits. I only see a few handful people able to beat my score, tbh I bet in the first 2 days someone will beat it, because to be honest... I could do better than this.
  6. Toxic

    Sad News

    Today is the first of the new year, last year you all owed me 5 dollars. Because no one paid their debt you all owe me 10 dollars as of now. I want my money by December 31st 2020. By the way, how much money does money cost?
  7. I wouldn't mind taking a part.
  8. Last comment unless you say something completely retarded again. You dont know what a debate is at all. I used perfectly good proof, THAT YOU PROVIDED ME, to tell you, you're fucking retarded. now I cant even say that, you are even more fucking retarded. In a debate you can use sources and other things to prove the other persons argument wrong, and whats even funnier, everything I quoted was just your words against you. you cant use rules... that are not rules to make a argument. ohdandy literally made those as descriptions of how he sees the game. you are using irrelevant posts in this subject. its funny how I have to repeat what I said because you cant understand... oh wait, isnt this the hypocricy I went over last night? shoot man you cant under stand shit because of how dumb you are. also there is no rule saying you have to say "cheat to die". give me the rule that says that, unless its in the rules made by indi its irreverent to this subject. okay, please, please dont make anymore retarded comments and make me comment again, I think this disscussion should end here, so just take it or leave it. You cant debate on a subject already proven wrong unless you have more proof to show your right... you havent done that at all, you havent even made any kind of debatel you're just saying everyone is wrong and you're right with no relevant proof. cya dont make me come back pleaqse
  9. @gin I guess tho that this is a farewell. I will just end my part in this discussion as I cannot be proven wrong by you... maybe someone else, but definitely not you. This is a farewell and I will end my part in this discussion by letting it be a farewell. I hope the best from you in the future and I hope you have a nice life. I hope you will play on the server from time to time so I can atleast meet you if I havent. Thank you for having a "debate" with me on this discussion. Farewell old friend.
  10. Ignore my comment much? You are literally arguing with THE PERSON WHO LITERALLY WORDED THE RULE YOU PASTED. Oh Dandy made that. Its not an official rule, its a breakdown of how Oh Dandy portrays the game. Not only that, but HE LITERALLY KNOWS WHAT HE MEANT WHILE MAKING IT, and yet you cant accept that....
  11. @gin Look. One. Those are not official rules by Indi/the managers. Even if it was it still says clearly you die. I cant even find the second one you have, making me thing its made up/you found it somewhere else in the forums. Let me explain this to you. If I do a parkour and you don't do what I just showed you, that's not cheating, nor is it cheating, you didn't do what i said. Parkour is and always has been in its own category in games. while you cant cheat in it, because to cheat you must do something not given within the rules given to you. if we were playing colors and I said stay on the platform, and you got off, that's not cheating... that's literally just you not following orders, the same can be said about not following a parkour which is a direct order to mirror Exactly what I just was just shown to you. "a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward." While you make the point you're "right" and you want to "debate" repeating the same text over and over is not a debate. if you were to just copy and paste that text again you wouldn't be debating anymore, you'd be arguing in an unformal way, which is the complete opposite of a debate. now while you have just as much of an argument as me or anyone else who is to argue against you, your point lacks many things. You obviously are basing this argument off of other server rules (which i'm 100% certain are the exact same as ours). Not only is your argument based off of other server rules, its based off of hypocrisy as well. You are trying to ignore/shut people up by just pasting words that aren't even in your favor in the first place because you don't like being proven wrong. Now, wait, isnt this just a he said she said moment? how about we ask a higher up about our disagreement aw shoot man, looks like the one who decides whether or not you were freekilled or not just told you, you weren't freekilled. well I bet you're just gonna understand right? ... dude, now that I think about it isnt this the hypocrisy I was literally just talking about? okay im done dabating, if you try to debate with me again im going to just debate you with spamming you with the picture of connor telling you you're wrong.
  12. this kid is fucking gay ❤️

    1. Toxic



  13. name him yoma. yo mama.