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  1. Toxic

    Favorite animals!

    My favotire animal is a Mountain Chicken.
  2. To your warday idea. literally will not and cannot happen. and it would take the fun from the game.... the more we take from vanilla gameplay, the less I want to play. it would make it literally impossible to have mess up days, that cause the server to laugh, and have a fun time. whats the point of playing a GAME if we are just gonna make it as strict as possible. It cannot happen because there is no one who is willing to make/get a plugin that would do this.. and then go onto every single JB map to make spawn points for this plugin. EVERY SINGLE MAP. do you know how much time that would take, and for what? one little add on to wardays. To your special day idea.. Yes.
  3. great idea, regardless of what others think. only pros vs cons.
  4. Couldnt have said it any better.
  5. Nation, never forget the 5 dollars you owe me... until I get it, I'll never stop annoying you.
  6. I recently uploaded this. Challenge still going on
  7. What is one thing you like about GamePunch?: The main thing I like about GamePunch is having a place to play. I dont have too many other things I like more about it tbh. What is one thing you dislike about GamePunch?: I dislike the the fact that the community isnt involved in big decisions, like HLL server (no previous knowledge about this subject, just showed up one day). The community should make these decisions in the end... especially the donators of the community, as they are paying for the upkeep, and for the future servers. Donators (especially ones who have donated a lot) should have main priority in what servers and what new games we move on to. What is one thing you would change about GamePunch?: Community involvement in everything. No more staff only decisions. all decisions made should be brought to the meeting and voted there. (should make a straw poll at the meeting, but leave it open for 24 hours after to ensure you're getting the voice of the entire community, not just the ones who can make it to it). Which Mod(s) and/or Admin(s) do you think are worthy of a promotion?: Non, I havent seen anything that has caught my eye in this staff team. maybe if you asked me a month ago, but those names have left already, and to be fair.. this shouldnt be a public question. Should be a private survey. Which games would you like to see introduced to GamePunch?: I will not put in my thoughts on this question, as I havent been around at all for a bit. Don't deserve an opinion. [ Being 100% honest, this should be a private survey. not public. When public, it encourages arguments and the Mods/Admins question could make someone feel left out, because some mods arent on when alot of members are on, so we dont see them enforcing the rules during the times the server is full of randoms.] Fix: The mods/admins question should have been... What are the main things we, as the managers+, should look for in promoting mods/admins:
  8. Toxic

    New Rule

    Was mostly a joke. hence the "nah but in all seriousness" wasn't any hostility, was just saying how I felt about the situation. some of it needed to be said
  9. Toxic

    New Rule

    So, lets start. It should not be a rule that you have to be with ts at all times, thats a terrible idea. Point 1: If you've ever worked a job.. You'd know if there are 4 people in during 1 time, they arent going to have them all doing the same thing... they will send a couple off to do other tasks, to get as much done as possible. Just because there isnt any known rebeller doesnt mean there cant be. This is what I hate about Jailbreak, and why I can never like it anymore. People are so butthurt and are constant cry babies, your point is that they have to be known to be rebelling to go after them, thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard. This isnt fucking serious roleplay, its a game god damn it.. grow up, and stop getting so butt hurt. Point 2: CT is a very, very hard thing to do. If you havent noticed the CT-T win rate is over the charts T sided. Ts win 90+% of the time, if you make the rule "if the T isnt known to be rebelling the cts may not walk away from ts whatsoever", you'll just be increasing that number. The video you have shared showed nothing. You made the point in which "they played further from disco than they normally did before the discussion"... but who cares? who the hell cares if he walked to disco instead of staying back, this is a prison.. and this is a guard, who has probably worked for this prison for many decades, and knows all the secrets to the map. You're acting like this is a roleplay, where its every guards first day. Easy solution to this: Dont use the secret at the start of the round. Nah but in all seriousness, just dont camp secrets (going to secret teleport at the start of round is okay), and stop crying about everything. This is the sole reason I hate jailbreak. Stop with this crybaby bull shit.
  10. Sad. I have had these many thoughts myself over this time, and my first thought when you left was that you just had enough doing everything for the community. You have been a huge part of this community, if not the sole reason it even exists. To think they let you go like a balloon to drift away is hilarious. But at the same time, it needed to happen... Dunder, you are the sole reason I have even been in the community up til this point, I have gained so much respect for you.. more than anyone else in this entire community. I cannot add anything to this as Dunder could if he wanted to, but what I can say is that the community will go down the wrong path no matter what without you. There can always be a good Manager, or a good Co-Leader (not saying anyone is bad) but without a complete neutral, without a true leader like you.. I honestly see the main concept of the community, To give everyone a place to play, vanishing. This is not a hate post from me, and I hope it isn't portrayed that way. But, There is no reason for me not to criticize when it is needed. I truly believe everything I have said, and I don't see much from this community much longer. Sadly, I also don't have the time to really care what happens either.. Its just going to take fates road, with or without me. (Note: This is not a "Departure" or "stepping down" post. just my thoughts).
  11. get rekt, the community is a year and 7 months old. You owe me 5 dollars.
  12. Toxic

    Knife rounds

    I can see where your thoughts are, but I dont see it. we should just keep it the same. to be honest its not populated enough to put time and effort into it. if people, in specific you, want things added to this server... then atleast play it and get it populated. I really dont want to see anymore comments about suggestions about pug, casual, or minigames until we see more population. Its a waste of time for the Staff to work on when they could be expanding to certain games that would actually get some players.
  13. What are the near future goals of the community? Are we planning on expanding to other games, or try to populate what we have now? Will we Create more teams like the events team? What are the far future goals of the community? Will we stay css priority, or will we move on to more populated games? Will we expand more into css or start dropping the lesser populated servers? What are things members can do more of to participate in the community without being staff? Should we create a team that works along side Managers+ without the Staff Title? Where do we see GP in 5 years? Do we see it in a successful state? Still in css? Better to think about it ahead than when the time comes. Just all the questions I have.
  14. You're cool man. Thanks.