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  1. Sad. I have had these many thoughts myself over this time, and my first thought when you left was that you just had enough doing everything for the community. You have been a huge part of this community, if not the sole reason it even exists. To think they let you go like a balloon to drift away is hilarious. But at the same time, it needed to happen... Dunder, you are the sole reason I have even been in the community up til this point, I have gained so much respect for you.. more than anyone else in this entire community. I cannot add anything to this as Dunder could if he wanted to, but what I can say is that the community will go down the wrong path no matter what without you. There can always be a good Manager, or a good Co-Leader (not saying anyone is bad) but without a complete neutral, without a true leader like you.. I honestly see the main concept of the community, To give everyone a place to play, vanishing. This is not a hate post from me, and I hope it isn't portrayed that way. But, There is no reason for me not to criticize when it is needed. I truly believe everything I have said, and I don't see much from this community much longer. Sadly, I also don't have the time to really care what happens either.. Its just going to take fates road, with or without me. (Note: This is not a "Departure" or "stepping down" post. just my thoughts).
  2. get rekt, the community is a year and 7 months old. You owe me 5 dollars.
  3. Toxic

    Knife rounds

    I can see where your thoughts are, but I dont see it. we should just keep it the same. to be honest its not populated enough to put time and effort into it. if people, in specific you, want things added to this server... then atleast play it and get it populated. I really dont want to see anymore comments about suggestions about pug, casual, or minigames until we see more population. Its a waste of time for the Staff to work on when they could be expanding to certain games that would actually get some players.
  4. What are the near future goals of the community? Are we planning on expanding to other games, or try to populate what we have now? Will we Create more teams like the events team? What are the far future goals of the community? Will we stay css priority, or will we move on to more populated games? Will we expand more into css or start dropping the lesser populated servers? What are things members can do more of to participate in the community without being staff? Should we create a team that works along side Managers+ without the Staff Title? Where do we see GP in 5 years? Do we see it in a successful state? Still in css? Better to think about it ahead than when the time comes. Just all the questions I have.
  5. You're cool man. Thanks.
  6. I just made a new high score. 18:20. will post the video possibly soon
  7. I live in Florida and im from Ohio, so I am a Pepsi man. To be fair tho, Dr.Pepper is much better than both And mountain dew is much better than all of them.
  8. I cannot vote. You didnt put Andi
  9. 1. Liberty Brew 2. Baja Blast 3. Voltage 4. Code Red 5. Everything else 6. Except for the original, it sucks
  10. Wasn't really attacking, more of just trying to explain the other side of the isle. you obviously didn't take at all into account how it could possibly keep players on. Instead you denied the use for it without reasoning with any ideas. I see no reason to do this either, I don't think it would help too much, or add anything too special. I agree with the games idea. I brought this up more than a year ago, went unnoticed. I suggested a game called PONG. you know of it I really see no reason to completely deny an idea, just because YOU have no reason for it. I agree with you, but I am not so single minded like you. not a diss, just a statement. It is your opinion in the end, and that's respectable. just give it thought though that a few words you say can make people steer away from commenting, or stating their opinion. To just put them down, you sound like you're just saying "no" "we don't need that" "why would be do something like that?" When stating your opinion at least try to state both sides. Explain why you don't want it, instead of saying you don't see why, because if that's all you have to say... then why did you state your opinion? Then explain why it could be good, and the pros and cons. Games idea is a very good idea, I don't understand why you didn't bring that up in your first post. Woulda been a good addition to this discussion. Final Statement: Stop being so single minded. If you aren't adding reasons why something shouldn't be considered, stop responding. You're just steering people away who might think its a good idea. I like your game idea a lot, so its a good thing you made that statement in your second comment. I think you should bring this discussion back up. But in the end you're right, you don't make decisions, but you are respected in this community... so its best to try to explain your opinion instead of saying bad idea. Who knows. I could be speaking out of my ass.
  11. I dont see the point to not try something like this. seems like an interesting aspect that may get people to not leave of boredom. I also dont see the reason to shut down things, just because YOU think theres no point. You gotta let peoples opinion matter. this wouldnt be a required spec option. it'd be a optional spec option.
  12. Kinda ruining this by posting this but... 666 gang
  13. I have no idea why I voted on this, I barely play Jailbreak. My opinion on this is that I see almost no reason to limit the amount of maps to play. I see the reason to try to play the maps we usually don't play... but in the end what really keeps the players consistently playing? Its usually those casual, memorable, comfortable maps. spy, minecraft, razor, ect. Now, I see no reason to try to get more maps played, but the way to really get players to stop playing is to completely limit the number of maps that are playable, and the ones that will keep players coming. I would love this idea if you kept the main maps people want to play, and you did a vote on what maps should be permanent to this process. I would support this fully, and I would have no problem trying to accept it. Keep a narrow tunnel of maps per week or so were forced to play all maps atleast once.. monitor the amount of time each map is played, and ask for votes at the end of the map by mods. You can have mods who volunteer to take votes on maps not usually played to see peoples opinions on each map. Maybe even make a team kind of like the Events team for this process who can take votes, tallies, anything to try to get a correct, and accurate answer/opinion of each map. Overall, The idea is good and bad. If you make sure the line of maps that keep people around are still in the mix each week... I support it. If you remove those and completely force players to play maps that aren't usually played... I simply cannot say I will agree with it. This is all a decision of the community of course, im just putting in my two cents.