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  1. Definetely don't sound 13 welcome to the forums
  2. Lactose:)

    New Hat?

    Messing with the ladder on this map is the best
  3. People who leave the toilet seat open
  4. My name was milk but there were a lot of milks on egn so i changed it to milk:) but an admin told me to change my name when i applied for membership cause milk:) is still a milk so i changed it to lactose:) and thats the story of how i acquired lactose-intolerance, thanks for listening
  5. Lactose:)

    ezoo? :)

    anyone goin to ezoo in in nyc in a few months? or like just enjoy raves in general i lowkey wanna meet some of yall irl and this is like the only thing before summers over where i might be able to i dont go to raves much but someone bought me a ticket for sunday so
  6. 1k on csgo but proabably like 3k on league
  7. +1 i have never seen this in play but sounds intense and fun
  8. +1 135 seems excessive, another server I played in .-. had cts start with 115 health which was enough to stop the t's from rushing/two right clicks although as a t player, killing a ct as he reloads right in front of me is fun
  9. Lactose:)


    Don't think t's should be forced to participate But agree with mike, cts should be able to roam freely across the map including secrets, I know theres a rule stopping t's from camping secrets past 2 or 2:30 but it still takes too long, especially when there's just one or two t's left at 4:00 and they're camping a secret.
  10. +1 everyones agreeing to this, what else is there to say
  11. korean rap cause koreans are the superior race