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  1. me and like 5 other friends played clash royal together and we thought its cool if we have like a group name or something so each one used natural disasters and "attack" at the end like "tsunami attack, volcano attack, earthquake attack and me hurricane attack" fast forward 2 years and I still like the name "hurricane attack" but I throw the "attack" because its less OG.
  2. I will defeat Donald Trump and claim the iron throne and I will rule the seven kingdoms as a real proud gamer
  3. haha nerds.I play digital card games like a real man. I'm basically the peak performance of the gamer mind and body.
  4. I suggest lego star wars the complete saga. its very hard like dark souls and has the gameplay survival components of terraria. i highly recommend
  5. I'm using steelseries artic 3. really amazing headset. maybe you'd like the arctic 7 if you're looking for something newer
  6. If you want those super cinematic God of War style I suggest lego star wars the complete saga. also has pretty lit story
  7. hunger, think of what would you do without knowing you are hungry, without knowing your body needs food, without knowing... think of what would you do without being able to taste the food you're eating.. not enjoying food anymore, just.. eating because you'll die if not. anyways im hungry af so im going to eat something so thats cool
  8. I like food, So what's so great about food? without it we will all die painfully. and with food, we will not. how nice is that? not dying and enjoying? also i love my mom because she makes me good food and its very tasty. thanks mom, love you.
  9. Hurricane


    Castles, They are very interesting things. you, as the king commands the little people to build block by block, brick by brick your very own castle. Who would want to be a king, to be the ruler, to have the glory and the power! well turns out a lot of people do and fuck stop building castles! they are BORING and UNORIGINAL and YOU are boring and goddammit is that all you could think of? just take some stones and mash them together to make 4 walls and some towers? I'm disappointing in you. you can do better than that... that's the exact reason your father left us.