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  1. Played gmod a lot, probably would have chosen rust if I had it tho.
  2. already makin complaints right on
  3. Haven’t been online in about a week, will be on in the next day or two.
  4. So, I'm moving out of my place and gonna be staying with a room mate for a bit so I might only be active like a hour or two every day
  5. Hello good sir, welcome to the forums I played Clarinet once.
  6. Nah it says edit profile and sends me anywhere but the cover photo
  7. so im either stupid lol or just blind but I cannot find the area to update my profiles backround banner/theme
  8. iPhone 6 dont use anything but apple products even tho im broke as fuck
  9. hahahahah fuck it im using biggest crosshair now .
  10. rip testicles you will be missed
  11. A lot happened before I stared recording but this is a little bit.