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  1. I been playing the guitar for 8 years now. I own a gibson of course, a schecter for metal, ibanez with nylon strings for acoustic. Mastered 3/4 of metallicas songs. Taught myself Flamenco as well which is really difficult especially finger picking.
  2. Yo it was good havin you with us. I know youll still b around. I respect your decision. We still cool broo
  3. Soft ass lmaoooooo. Want my advice, get a pic first lmfaooo. Its the internet. What sounds like a jessica could turn out a bob
  4. No huge im not a fucking vampire. I dont like all that blood
  5. Kobe Steak done Medium, Side of Lobster Tail, Corn with mashed potatoes
  6. Lmao these moments are priceless. We need moreee
  7. Im definately with you on that. Fuck it