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  1. I have messaged glow couple times wanting to discuss things that are happening in his server as he has stated “ I hope you would reach out to me before making a decision abruptly” but never recieved a response from him. After being in his community for 2 and a half years and helping out as much as I can. No respect. The man has given up on your community. Wake up. Your community is dying. im with you Dunder. One way street.
  2. Hey guys, been a part of GP for like 2 and something years. It’s been great but my taste for this game has depleted over time. Nothing against anyone, just personally got bored. I will probably pop in from time to time randomly but for now I just don’t see a reason to stick around. I’ll be on COD Warzone if any of ya’ll want to get some super sweaty kills. It’s been a pleasure being a part of this community and I hope it keeps on going. peace out
  3. I won’t be able to make it. I work saturdays...
  4. Casino, Goodfellas, godfather all of em, every monster movie you can think of
  5. DemNoodlez


    I always tell the t if they knife a ct on the way back from their pardon, that they will be automatically killed no excuses and that it would determine how to handle them next round if they rebel and ask for pardon again.
  6. Bhop there so you don’t use the secret ladder. Or what’s considered a secret.
  7. Don’t have my pictures cuz it was on my old school flip phone lol. I played soccer my entire life, father played international for Iraq’s team. I played for Chicago wind. Then varsity all 4 years of highschool until I got bored.
  8. When I was young I used to see human shaped shadows, I believe they call them Gins in many cultures. One time my parents were out at my cousins house and I heard paper rattling upstairs in my room. I went to go check and it was a shadow figure of my older brother, I didn’t stay to look further, I ran downstairs and waited. Scared the fuck out of me. My brother was with my parents. I went back upstairs after a while to find out my window was open the entire time and papers were on my table that went flying. I stopped seeing them once I hit 13. Could’ve been my overactive imagination. Who knows.
  9. Joker, it’s been so much fun playing with you. Whatever is happening personally, I really hope that from here on it’s nothing but good luck. I wish you the best with it all. Life can be tough and if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be who were supposed to be anyways. Reach out if you ever need to talk to any of us. Your still our guy.
  10. 9 more to go. Make them at least useful. Also you can comment on other posts to accumulate counts
  11. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. You will definitely always be remembered. I hope you prosper. You deserve it. it was a pleasure knowing you. Good luck with it all Allan.
  12. Lmao. @Eric From That '70s' Show Got a groupieee
  13. Welcome aboard bud. It’s good to have u here
  14. I never really spoke to you much but when we did conversate, you seemed very level headed and well put. For that I respect you and understand your decisions. It would’ve been nice to see you step up and share some ideas with the higher ups. Maybe we could’ve made JB the way it was before. But your word is bond. Hope this isn’t the last time and you maybe change your mind. Thank you for being a part of us.