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  1. New glarus is good. I had spotted cow.
  2. We will miss u blur. See you when you get bored of every other game and come back to the beginning of the boredom cycle. Lmaoo. good luck with your shit bud. You are good people. Happy to have met u cuz.
  3. Good luck bro. It’s hard. I been there. Keep to your self.
  4. Make this happen. Take out surf lmaoo
  5. Fuck ya congradulations. See you on Super Trooper's 3
  6. Yo so I will be going to LA for a quick lil VACA from January 22 to January 25th. So you prolly won’t be seeing me on. Just letting every know. It’s going to b littttt.
  7. DemNoodlez

    Mod+ Meeting

    I will be at work till 6pm here. So I will not be able to make it. However I will be at the community meeting.
  8. My Daily Drive vehicle would be a Mercedes S560 AMG black on black. My weekend car would have to be the Porsche 911 Turbo GT2 RS in Silver with black rims and red interior.
  9. Tech N9NE wahab basha for sure Hunter
  10. Heyyy!!! Congratulations she’s beautiful man.
  11. Buy your mom a very nice spa day, buy your dad a grill if he needs one, buy your sister a gift card for her fav store because they usually return them, buy your bro if you got one a gun for sure lol.
  12. Can you buy me a Mercedes Benz S550 AMG 4Matic Black on Black with the upgraded leather package that would total the vehicle out to $149,000. That's not bad right?