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  1. Or like the movie. Name him Keanu
  2. Noob I will take your mother out and give her the best date of her entire life, fulfill all her dreams in one day and then never call her again lmaaooo
  3. Your a fucking vampire huge. Medium is the best way to go
  4. People who can’t drive, people who go under speed limit, people who use the left lane on the highway to drive speed limit (fuck those guys), people who don’t signal, people who lose driving skills due to weather, I mainly get pissed at peoples driving. That’s all that drives me nuts. I road rage and have followed ppl for quite some time just to say fuck you to their faces.
  5. I enjoy working on my fore arm. Maybe about 3 times a day. My goal is to make it to 5 times a day. I’m trying to challenge myself