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  1. This op should be more like "the reason dodgeball should be nerfed is because green sneaks up behind you and kills you right as he starts his LR" You know what I have to say about that? You cts should be aware!!!
  2. I'm not delaying the round so I don't see anything wrong. I'm not TRYING to miss and dodging is what you are supposed to do.
  3. @[email protected] Park was the first band I actually started listening to when I first got into music. Also I am a fan of Soundgarden and I do like Limp Bizkit. Wish I saw LP and Soundgarden while those two singers were alive.
  4. For the late great Gord Downie
  5. congrats everyone on your promotions....and demotions
  6. fuck ya! dodgeball day. It will take all the cts to beat me
  7. Thotiana, man. I loved playing with you, you were one of my favorite GP players to play with and I never really saw any immaturity from what I can remember but it is what it is. It was a lot of fun to play with you and have you in this community. I hope you can come back some time in the future.