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  1. Welcome to GamePunch WSKing
  2. Duckii


    Hell yeah! I really like their single that they released, I'm so excited. I pre-ordered the special edition of the album: Tri-fold Softpack Video Brochure featuring: CD (79 minutes of music), 4” HD rechargeable screen with exclusive video footage, charging cable, 2 watt speaker, 36 page book + MP3 code (89 minutes of music).
  3. Wow you've really put it a lot since I last tested! Awesome job Tring, I should test it out again sometime! Keep going
  4. Duckii


    Any TOOL fans? They're personally my favorite band of all time so I'm extremely excited for their album out at the end of this month. They just released the front of the album cover, which rumors are the album cover actually will have moving visual involving LED's n shit. 13 years later, lets fucking GOOO.
  5. Have a good time Mike, stay safe!
  6. Ye replace that bottle with a nice bag o weed
  7. Better watch out, or i'll be coming through your town. Guns blazing. Asking for yo fuckin grapes.
  8. The Umbrella Academy for sure, it's not your typical superhero thing