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  1. <-------------------------------
  2. You're the man ! Whatever it is, you're gonna get through it you're a warrior. Hoping all the best for you Chaos.
  3. On to better things brotha !
  4. What !! One of my favorite games of all time !
  5. Duckii


    My ol man Jasper, he's 17. Just had the rest of his teeth besides 2 removed and had some lumps removed, but he's still kickin. Warrior. My sweet boy Murdoc adopted him little over 2 years a go when he was only couple months old
  6. What I'm gonna do to whoever is messing with one of the GREATEST.
  7. Aloha Frebo. Welcome to ze forums !
  8. WHO'S BALLS AM I SUPPOSE TO QUACK ON NOW ?! *DEAD* Beksinski : please quack on my balls duckii
  9. Duckii


    I don't have any tattoos but I definitely want one ! Maybe a lil duck tattoo on my wrist !
  10. What is one thing you like about GamePunch?: Having fun on the CS:S servers, but I'm mainly a JB player. The active community including on the forums. I love to see the forums being pretty active ! What is one thing you dislike about GamePunch?: SOMETIMES it's like being surrounded by a bunch of immature obnoxious racist hillbilly middle schoolers who's favorite show of all time is Southpark. But that seems to come with just about any game/community now n then, and it's usually taken care of when staff is on the server(s)/forums Another edit: Today on jailbreak people have been extra terrible and really douchey and mean to cow who was alone and took it well, and doing his best on the server. Extremely disappointing, it was so cancer I wanted to take yet another long break away from it, but I'm still playing hoping it'll get better. What is one thing you would change about GamePunch?: People/Staff on the same level like Logical said ! More level-headed chill staff Which Mod(s) and/or Admin(s) do you think are worthy of a promotion?: Chaos Boss, and Beksinkski edit: And certainly Cow, who I thought for some reason was already promoted higher than Admin ! Which games would you like to see introduced to GamePunch?: Day Of Defeat: Source, though I haven't played it in a while everyone there seems really chill and more mature. Probably cuz it's mostly older gamers like 30+ I've seen a few thriving communities on there, and I think it's a game that most can play no matter their PC, and many own.
  11. Uh oh this post is stiiinky !! .. Take care of yourself bruddah. But I'm glad you're still gonna stick around.
  12. You're the man Noodlez I look up to you. I've been playing plenty of Warzone as well haha it's gotta be my favorite out of all the battle royale games out there. Please take care.
  13. GG Speedy Gonzalez, glad you'll still be around now n then. You were a phenomenal Admin, and you're an awesome dude. Keep kickin ass, in whatever it is