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  1. We cannot control if a player has you muted or not. Adding a rule would be impossible to enforce. What we can do is recommend players to reach out to Mods+ in-game if a player is being loud or annoying, so the Mods+ can enforce our rules around micspam. .:RESOLVED:.
  2. Nation

    Knife rounds

  3. Nation

    9mm vs .45

    Bruhh do you even own a gun? Have you even touched a gun before? Get outta here.... Ain't nobody talking bout water guns. Go play with your Barbies kid.... Anyways, I carry 9mm for the same reasons. I can carry more ammo, the recoil is a little lower, and it just makes more logical sense for everyday carry.
  4. Nation


    Thats awesome man. I really like that. Cool stuff!
  5. They have CELL PHONES there? I thought y'all would still use land lines.
  6. Nation

    Worst fights!

    hey man, im from the hood. We pull real guns.... But really though, someone pointed a gun at my car window and tried to steal my car. I had 0% Tint (Limo Tint), so he couldn't see me. I pulled out my gun and shot him twice in the chest at point blank range. He survived, but is still in jail for it.
  7. Nation

    Worst fights!

    Uh. I mean I shot someone. Don't know if you would really call it a fight though. But either way I won.
  8. I would be fully on board for this, but I think this decision comes down to Glow. We want to balance how much content we are adding to the server, so it doesn't become too much. This would have to start with his call. Also, we would have to figure out the logistics to make it work. For example, the moderator skins require the moderator flag to get them. How do we allow you to purchase them during fourth of July, but be able to use it year-round. We can't use custom Flags oh, because we would run out of letters especially because most of them currently have a purpose. One cool thing we can do is add a custom skin as the default skin during the holiday and then remove it when the holiday ends. For example, for July I could make a red white and blue camo skin that would look pretty cool, and remove it when July ends. It will be the default Terror skin for everyone, but it will disappear after the month ends. I know that isn't what you're looking for, but it's something that could definitely be done easily, with approval. Sorry, just throwing out ideas.
  9. I literally picked up cigars like 2 weeks ago. Most firemen smoke cigarettes though. I just dont like the smell of cigarettes or the idea of inhaling.
  10. Google is a great source of images. Try finding an image that you want, and someone can help you with making it a spray.
  11. We do not currently have plans to return razor to the line up. If we do, we will let the community know. .:RESOLVED:.
  12. thats different then throwing it back for them lol
  13. One I use exclusively for work, and the other is my personal phone. Most business people have 2 phones.