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  1. So guys.... we have a fully boosted server.... So what does that mean? We have a SHIT TON of emoji slots. You want to know what we are missing? EMOJIS! Feel free to add your suggestions below! Please make sure they are the appropriate size and meet our discord rules! (No NSFW/Racism). What we currently have:
  2. I wish I was stuck home. I stay busy and haven't been able to cook much recently.
  3. Alright guys, the time has come. I demand that @Glow finally has a name change. I petition for 48 hours, he must change his name to what the community votes on. (Name must meet Community Rules. AKA, nothing inappropriate.) Feel free to vote on the Poll on what you think his name should be. Also, feel free to comment below any names you would like me to add to the poll. (Tag me please). Thanks all. Happy Gaming.
  4. Nation


    1. Her 2. She has resting depressed face. Even when she is happy, she looks depressed.
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    Ms. Sneaux Lord. Old English Bull Dog, 2 years old.
  6. Works been a bitch, and kind of bringing down my overall mood.
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    Adding an anchor next? Lol
  8. Putting this on hold. We would need someone to develop this for us, but if someone can do it we will add it.
  9. What Quacker said^^ Welcome!!