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  1. I think we all feel the same... Hate to see you go, but glad you will keep playing!!
  2. +1, ban mirrakh. (Or at least perm silence?)
  3. That would be my guess. Basically it can't boot because what Windows was installed on wasn't working, such as your SSD. Easy rather cheap fix if thats the problem.
  4. I used to run 3 extra wide monitors that were the same exact brand. Circled around each other was great for games like Grand Theft Auto because it wrapped around your line of sight, so all you saw was the game. This worked great for years. When I upgraded to multiple 2080Tis, I changed out my 3 monitor setup for one nice high Hz monitor. (I will get the specs on it when I get home). During this time, I was addicted to Rainbow Siege Six. The high Hz monitor allowed for faster response times, which was very helpful playing on Shooting games. Reading this just makes me miss my 3 Monitor wrap-around set up, so I was just picking your brain to see what you preferred.
  5. Edit it. Remove What you said. Just leave like: “My Bad yo”
  6. He literally just removed it off of this post. So, ummm.... no.
  7. Also.... Should probably put Indi/Glow on the toxic list.... ...just saying....
  8. YOU SHOULD BE PERMANANTLY BANNED FOR NOT PUTTING Assassin Mike (Happy Birthday btw @Assassin Mike) ON THE LEAST TOXIC PLAYER EVERRRRRR LIST!!!! +1 Anybody??? Let’s ban this kid.... BYEEEEEEE black_Scorpion!!!!!!
  9. I changed from 3 wide screen 1080p monitors to 1 144hz monitor. Do you prefer the three monitors over one?
  10. Real life comes first, but I’m sure if you donate $100 to @Huge285 he probably won’t ban you for it.
  11. Very True... Good luck though!
  12. Hope everything goes well with you man! It’s been fun...