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  1. Sounds awesome! We are glad to have you man!
  2. I currently use Wall hacks to see through walls in the game.
  3. Thanks Adam, I'm sure this was a pain in the ass to hunt down. Hopefully you can find a working solution soon!!
  4. @artNOTwar they have not added anything yet, probably because the server was meant to be temporary. But by the looks of it, we might keep it. If you have a suggestion, just put it in the suggestion box.
  5. 1000 forum accounts and still no 24/7 razor.... #Gay
  6. Ummm what VR system do I need to buy now?? lol
  7. I take full credit for your amazing experience. Enjoy!!
  8. Well, thank you in advance for your service. Glad to get to play with you ingame tonight, and glad you made it over to the forums. Enjoy your stay, and let us know if you need anything!
  9. 11? ELEVEN? Geez we are getting old...
  10. Glad to see you made it over to the forums! Welcome! HINT: Replies count as posts, so go hit up that Chat Lounge! ^^^^ Ummm what he said.