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  1. If i just want to drink a little bit I usually go with a whiskey and coke, or straight bourbon because it's so cheap around here, but if i'm trying to get drunk I like vodka either mixed or with chasers because it doesn't leave me feeling as worn out in the morning. Also beer works anytime.
  2. Okay, so after looking around on PC part picker i noticed they have "build guides" I really think this "modest AMD gaming build" is really good for the price. They also had one for intel, but with less impressive power for the price. The MOBO seems open to upgrade and the computer is more than enough to handle what you want to use it for.
  3. Look around for each part, newegg is usually a go to though. A couple other things to keep in mind: I'd make sure you get a motherboard that isn't going to lose support soon so you can continue upgrading you GPU and CPU for a while. Buying a new MOBO just always feels like a lateral move. I'd also make sure your PSU supports a higher voltage than what you're going to need for the same reason. It would suck to buy one that covers your PC, upgrade to a better GPU, and have to upgrade your PSU at the same time. My suggestions might cost a little more, but it will save you money in the long run as you can improve your PC from then on without having to buy hardware that really doesn't help your PC run faster. Also feel free to DM me about any specific questions you have
  4. It's really not at all. Most of the pieces snap together like legos. The only place you could really mess up is applying thermal paste to your cpu, but one quick youtube video watch and you'll be good to go. The hardest part is making sure all your pieces are compatible, but the link ohhdandy posted will do that for you. generally it seems to me that buying the parts on your own and building it is 20% - 40% cheaper
  5. Could a rule be added that allows wardens to make t's face a direction if it's necessary to play certain games? No one bats an eye when a warden plays odd man out and tells t's to look at the ceiling, but certain games like "primary, secondary, or melee" that require t's to look away from the warden seem to exist in some limbo where a mod+ needs to be on to rule on if it's okay. I do see a downside to it in that wardens could abuse it to continually gun check t's, but I think most people willing to take warden on this server know better than that.
  6. This. One of the biggest parts is drinking water while you're getting drunk. preventing hangover > curing hangover
  7. There's ways around that depending on what linux distro you use. I just choose not to bother though as I only use manjaro for programming
  8. If it's privacy you're looking for I see a lot of people recommending tails along with a VPN. I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to open documents. There's open source software for any type of file you could want to open. Also, if you like the sound of arch linux but don't want to bother with all the configuration I'd recommend Manjaro which as far as I know dual boots natively
  9. Why did you decide to name yourself what you did? I'll start, I used to play a space sim game called elite dangerous with a friend. My friend and I took some quests from a hub to complete and one of them was to find bread. We searched every enemy, wrecked ship, and station to no avail leading us to conclude that there is no bread in space. I liked how offbeat the phrase sounded so I decided to roll with it. Anyone have any similar stories?
  10. The only problem I see with requiring all CT's to have a mic is CT could be understaffed. It sucks when all the living CT's don't have mics and try to give orders from the text box, but those same CT's are useful as another body to go through to get to the warden
  11. +1 I'd like special days to break up the monotony. Also it would stop people from complaining about this server not having them.
  12. I think it would be a good idea to slay nonparticipating T's when the participating T's are dead just so no one has to sit around and wait, but what's the point of even having a warday if: warday outside =/= freeday in disco I agree with twisted that certain wardays just feel like feeding yourself to raise CT scores until the 2 minute mark
  13. I mean yeah food is good i guess, but have you ever thought of how unhealthy it is? Anecdotally I've heard that 100% of people who have eaten it have died so I try to avoid it wherever possible
  14. I love dark souls. It starts out feeling impossible, but if you continue playing it you wonder why you ever had trouble. It really rewards getting good. If you're having trouble on the taurus demon you should try using the edge of the tower to do plunging attacks, but be careful. If you stay up there too long he'll follow you Also, PRAISE THE SUN
  15. CS:S jailbreak has always seemed more malleable to me than CS:GO. Maps still do things that blow my mind despite being made for a 15 year old game. On top of that, CS:S has the far more mature community. I can't play CS:GO jailbreak without feeling the onset of a brain aneurysm.