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  1. hi chippy! ive seen you around
  2. i think duckii and assassin mike are incredibly nice and patient with everyone, so they're my picks
  3. chippy quidditch is permanently banned
  4. hi the noob himself! i know you!
  5. HMMMM "welcome bro" HMMMMMM "wazzam boi" HMMMMMMMMMMM
  6. Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad
  7. i thought you can use the same secrets and armoury entrances that you spot the terrorists from? i wouldve figured this situation would've applied cause ive been told its fine to break a closed vent if you see a rebel through it, so wouldn't be like that? a guy opens the front door and you see him through the armoury front door, then it closes again, so "break a vent" (click a secret button) to open the armoury front door
  8. most of the people i play with on the server are nice, +1 to everyone except the not-nice ones