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  1. Just a copy+paste of what I wrote on Hunter's thread, but I want to give my two cents:
  2. Honestly I'm on the side of liking the familiar few maps. It's the same way I play TF2 and CS:GO—Dust II and Cache are staples for a reason, and so is Carceris and New Summer. There are too many random maps in the selection that no one will ever play or learn to play because it's too saturated. And I would think that the better solution for increasing the number of maps that people play on is to get rid of most of the unused ones, so the good ones that haven't caught on yet can actually be noticed. Usually I find one or two new maps to play and I stick to it, telling people to vote for it and showing them around and advocating for it often. Both Heat and Omega are being voted on a lot more because they had someone who was actually there to vouch for them, and get other players into the map and willing to play it. So I think that if a new map is gonna be added but it has no one to actually promote it and show it off to the playerbase, there's no point in including it, because it'll never take off otherwise. Decrease the map cooldown, and limit the selection of alternative maps to ones that actually have someone (its dev or a fan) promoting its popularity.
  3. we're so bored! there's nothing else to do!
  4. me and my boyfriend and our roommates have just been doing weed every day while we wait for all of this to blow over since there hasnt been anything else to do
  5. Ari

    Special Day idea JB

    i saw an LR on CS:S that involved making knives do knockback damage, i think? the T and the CT are brought into a small circle, they have to knock each other out of bounds of the area to kill each other
  6. Ari

    Special Day idea JB

    im saying that ive seen plenty of LRs and Special Days on other jailbreak servers on CS:S and Garry's Mod and CS:GO that GP doesn't have yet so its like we'll never run out of ideas for new stuff that can get added, it'll just take time for the wonderful developers here to implement them all sumo wrestling was really cool though, id like to see that one
  7. Ari

    Special Day idea JB

    coming up with new special days and last requests is easy peasy, just hop onto a rival server for thirty minutes and come back with new games in mind hard part is coding the plug-ins
  8. Ari


    -1 from me I think pardons have too much practical value that outweigh any benefits of curbing favouritism, which I don't even think I've ever particularly noticed happening. As Speedy already mentioned, the option to pardon helps a lot in cutting down round times and avoiding CT slay days (or, avoiding "solve 1+1 for LR"). Plenty of wardens, myself included, also just _enjoy_ playing nice. And in other instances, a warden might want many Ts available to play a game and would be against a CT killing someone over a very minor rebellion like throwing a smoke grenade, cause itd fuck with whatever they're planning. (Also sometimes the T has the upper hand and is asking to get pardoned just to be nice, and would otherwise completely slaughter the CTs.)