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  1. Only 1 cup per day for me, and always before lunch, if I have more than that or drink it later than lunchtime then I can say goodbye to that nights sleep. I only drink black coffee, other than that I actually prefer instant coffee to “real” coffee.
  2. If we are talking cocktails then I’d have to say Manhattan and Old Fashioned, maybe a Martini once in a blue moon, Gin and Tonic aint bad either. I really don’t like all those types of “cocktails” that taste like a mouthful of sugar and are overly sweet.
  3. Thanks for everything you have done for our community! Wishing you nothing but the best!
  4. Salt used obviously, didn’t write it because it will be added at all stages pretty much, this is not something I make often, which is why it’s more “complicated”
  5. So a few people asked me about my chili "recipe" it's not really a recipe as such, more of a method. It has evolved and changed a lot over the years. But I really can't take too much credit for it, my brother @lorne _a_20014 is a much bigger "food nerd" than me, and has done a lot of the research that went into this chili. Since I'm not American this is all in metric, so use google or something.. lol This will serve 6-8 people, and remember, this is constantly evolving, so feel free to change it up so it fits your own personal taste. The Meat: For the meat you will need around 1000 grams (1 kilo) og ground beef, and around 500g of shredded beef, or just any type of beef that will be a bit more "chuncky" than the ground beef, this will add a lot of texture to the chili. The veggies: I find that only using onions etc. is really boring in a chili, I think it's important to use aromatic vegetables as well. This will really make the chili a lot more exciting in terms of flavor and texture. Onions Leeks Carrots jalapenos (fresh, NOT pickled) Bell Peppers (Or Poblano, even better) Dice everything to the same size, and make sure the vegetables that takes the longest to cook are added first. I also like to add a good amount of spice blend when the veggies are almost done cooking. Toasting the spices will really bring out their flavor. The liquids: Some people use stock or water for their chili, I really don't think that adds a lot of flavor, it really just waters it down and makes it more bland. I like to use whiskey and beer in my chili, since it will add a lot of flavor, especially the whiskey, it really takes it to another level, and no it won't taste like alcohol. 400ml Whiskey 500ml beer 1 can tomato passata 1 can tomato puree The chili blend: Mulato Hungarian Sweet Paprika Chipotle Morita Chipotle in adobo sauce (If you like it smoky) Cascabel These chillies all add something different in terms of sweetness, richness, smokyness and spice. Feel free to experiement woth different chillies. I would not use any more than 5-6 different kinds, since adding too many different kinds of chilli will make it harder to distinguish between all the different flavors. Spiced Compound Butter: (Would add 100g to the finished chilli) This is something you add to the chili when it's done, it will melt down and you will mix it in before serving. This also makes the chili a lot more richer in flavor, and I really think it makes it a lot better. 100g salted butter Cumin Worcestershire sauce Lime Juice + zest Mango Habanero Hot Sauce (Or just habaneros) I like to add cumin in the end. The acidity and fruityness from the lime and habanero is important since this chilli is very rich. Garnish: Spring Onions Cilantro Jalapenos (Fresh chillies taste different than cooked, so we add them in the end as well) I'm not gonna write a "step by step" on how to cook this, most people know how to make a chili, and this is a method and not a recipe per se. You can serve this woth tortillas, crispy taco shells, rice, even corn bread, etc. You can also add a ton of side dishes, like guac, salsa, corn salad, etc. So that's it really, let me know what you like about this chili, but more importantly, what would you change about this "recipe" to make it suit your own taste?
  6. I’ll have to dig it out, been a while since I made it, but I will make a post
  7. I’ve spent the last 5 years creating the “perfect” chili. I’ve experimented with a lot of different spice blends, making my own chili blends and buying pre-made ones. also experimemted with ratios of pretty much every ingredient, beans/no beans etc. it’s an ever-evolving recipe, and is my all time favorite comfort food. I also make the best goddamn guac to go along with it. I’m so confident in my guac recipe that I will put it up against any quac. I’ve always loved spicy food and I love cooking it, but more importantly eating it :)))
  8. Huge285

    CS:S Prop Hunt

    I remember playing CS:S prophunt I can honestly say that it is WAY better than gmod prophunt..
  9. the CT skin looks waaay better than I thought it would! Really happy with how it turned out.
  10. Why are so many people not toasting them? You are really missing out! Tastes 10 times better imo
  11. If you can find one or make one and send it to us.
  12. couldn't have said that better myself.