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  1. Huge285

    Mic Problems

    just so other people can learn from this, what was the solution?
  2. Huge285

    Mic Problems

    Have you checked in your css settings? YOu should be able to select the right input, maybe you are not using your mic as the input
  3. Huge285


    I use a Corsair void pro
  4. I have experienced this 4-5 times in my life, over the course of 3-4 years. Been about 1-1.5 years since I had my last episode. This is easily the worst experience of my life.
  5. am I the only one who plays the reg. DoD and not DoD Source?
  6. Huge285

    Can't stand it!

    Here is one few people can relate to. I have a twin brother, we are twins, we look very similar to each other obviously, as twins do. When people walk up to us, or just ask "are you guys twins???" Well, of course we are! It's fucking obvious lol... Please stop asking twins this.. They have heard this question WAAAYY too many times.. It gets old really fast
  7. Huge285

    Can't stand it!

    I got another one: People who talk about nutrition, diet and training when they have NO CLUE what they are talking about...
  8. Huge285

    It's a habit.

    Well it’s not a matter of that, I think it’s a more compulsive type of behavior for me, because things like dust bother me etc. but it kinda runs in the family lol
  9. Huge285

    It's a habit.

    haha @Noob I'm literally a compulsive cleaner I vaccum like 2-3 times a day, wipe all my tables and counter tops likes 4-5 times a day lol clean my kitchen and bathroom like twice a day (sometimes just 1...) if I get bored and have nothing do do I find something to clean.. If everything is clean I start organizing drawers, closets, shelves etc..
  10. Huge285

    Can't stand it!

    best way to go if you want ro ruin the quality of the meat and kill it
  11. Huge285

    Can't stand it!

    People who eat their steak above medium-rare @DemNoodlez