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  1. Forgot to put this in a few days ago, but I’m in Canada for the next few days. See you all when I get back.
  2. Wicked cold. Means it’s pond hockey season.
  3. During the holiday peak season I have to work nights sometimes and it sucks, but I will say during the night you font have to deal with anyone else and you can get stuff done.
  4. Pay for the rest of my college, buy a new car, and then put the rest away for retirement
  5. Thanks for all you have done for GP, best of luck to you in the future.
  6. Effective immediately the Moderator order of operations has been removed.
  7. PC: CS:S, Minecraft, CS:GO, Call of Duty: World at War, Supraball, FS 19 Xbox: NHL 19, Call of Duty: WWII, Titanfall II Hmu 2
  8. GamePunch ZE Server Rules LAST UPDATED: 12th July 2019 Welcome to the community! Listed below are the official rules for the GamePunch ZE server: General [A1] No Hacking/Scripting (Ex: BunnyHop, Aimbot, Spin Hack) [A2] No exploiting the map/plugins [A3] No Ghosting [A4] Porn, disturbing images, and the like are NOT allowed (including in sprays) [A5] Advertising of any kind is not allowed, including in-game names [A6] If there is an issue regarding a rule, highest admin's discretion is enforced. [A7] Racial slurs and discrimination is not allowed. [A8] Don't disrespect any players/admins. [A9] No mic, text or radio spam allowed. * Please keep in mind that these rules can be changed without notice. Please check back periodically for revisions. ─────── - GamePunch Staff Team
  9. iPhone X, have had iPhones for over 10 years now.
  10. This is the latest version of the order of operations that Jailbreak Moderators are required to follow. These may change at any time, but the latest will always be posted here. Latest Version: 1.1 Last Edited By: Connor McJesus on June 25, 2019 @ 6:23 P.M. EST Moderator Order of Operations V1.1.pdf
  11. Please vote Yes, I'll be able to get more sleep at night