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    1. <3 Samira <3

      <3 Samira <3

      Thank youuuu !! :))) definitely is a happy birthday 

  2. GOOD AFTERNOON, everyone!! It feels great to be back !! Thanks for the unban💜🎄

  3. LMAOOOO this is definitely about your bromance with @Zachariah
  4. Samira want css maps for free but she can’t get em oooohhhh

  5. Stole xxl chocolate bars more than one time and took them to the bathroom to eat a few years ago . I recently stole a lipstick from my local Walmart
  6. shut the fuck up you inbred bitch . jk , welcome to cancer
  7. Hi Samira I met you on the jailbreak server and just want to say your cat ears are nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. <3 Samira <3

      <3 Samira <3

      lmao thank you . Whats your name on steam?

    2. <3 Samira <3

      <3 Samira <3

      wait i feel like i know , but tell me anyway XD 

  8. I would like to ask why I’m not allowed to reapply and why my application got denied for a second time ??? And also why you removed me on your steam friends list , @Huge285

    1. Huge285


      If you have any concerns please message me privately, we dont need to discuss this in an open forum

    2. <3 Samira <3

      <3 Samira <3

      I’d rather not , but thanks anyway 

  9. Okay fuck you Zach LMAO . Why am I on the list of “not allowed” ?! That’s it , I’m stealing your girlfriend.
  10. So , everyone , I was thinking about joining GP again . I am the most indecisive person ever , but I feel as though I was meant to stick with this community . So just a heads up , I may join again, especially because a couple of close friends have joined as well :)) I kinda feel left out tbh . So I’m thinking about it :3 

    1. <3 Samira <3

      <3 Samira <3

      Love you all 

    2. Sly


      Ur gay, ur not left out if u aren’t a member, just don’t have reserved slots :)

  11. Awwww dazlo, I felt this right in my chest .. it’s like you’re saying goodbye forever love you, gaymer