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  1. The Office lol not a movie but yeah, they perfectly cast that show.
  2. Hey guys just wanted to see how yall are doing with everything that is happening, its crazy in a lot of stores.
  3. Thanks, I like to think I have a good wide range of music I listen to!
  4. I couldn't do just nine - too many good ones lol I do have more though.
  5. Christeen

    Favorite rap?

    The way she moves, she's like a belly-dancer. She's shaking that ass to the new Nelly jams. I think someone's at the door but I don't think I'mma answer. Police saying freeze! doing, doing, doing.
  6. My first job was at Pizza Hut, I was young didn't know much about jobs and the manager never told me i could take breaks/lunches and I would work 8 hour shifts. No one told me anything at all like when we got paid - nothing. Pretty bad for a first job xD
  7. Lmao yeah some one kinda persuaded me *cough cough*
  8. Christeen


    - I like to chill and paint, while listening to some nice music. - I also like to play the piano. - Or i'll watch some youtube videos. - Hang out with my friends and boyfriend as well
  9. Hi, so just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Christeen I play mainly on the Jailbreak server and on Minigames as well as the PUG server. Just wanted to come on here and say hi, seeing as I haven't done this yet. So Hi