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  1. Logical


    Classic rock and some metal
  2. This is the only photo I really have of me and it’s 2 years old lol, I didn’t even know someone was taking a picture until last minute so I look stupid. Better than nothing I guess, feel free to laugh
  3. https://gamebanana.com/maps/165710 "This map is not for large servers" "Map includes: Disco (enjoy leaked 'Under Pressure' by Dr. Dre from Detox album) Streetball Soccer Tic-tac-toe Game cell Healing room Areas for Last Request (Gun Toss, Shot4Shot) Balanced stashes { <- I think the submitter meant secrets? } 24T and 16CT spawns" I mean tbh it is just like razer but looks better and has fewer spawns.
  4. Sourcebans on 5.5” (diagonal) displays doesn’t show the page correctly as shown in screenshots.
  5. @Spud and I are doing a 10-day competition to make a jailbreak map themed around a factory/fulfillment center. This whole idea stemmed from a weird conversation in the discord and we have like I said myself, spud, and I believe @Chaos Boss (still unsure) participating, however, more are always welcome and we encourage if you know how to submit a map. Anyways, if you would like to participate please do so, the rules are as follows: _________________________________ -The map must be submitted on Wednesday, July 8th (10 Days after the starting date of June 29th) -The map must be original _____________________________ We will be setting up a vote on the forums after we have all finished seeing whose map is the best. If you want to participate just msg me or spud and send me your completed map (screenshots are nice but not nessesary) Note: There is no prize at the moment, but this is subject to change
  6. Corn Gang > Wheat Gang
  7. Mod training? What is happening with the prophunt server?
  8. obs is prob the best free recording and streaming software out there imo
  9. We just grilled some steaks together and smoked some ribs.
  10. Bro charcoal-grilled burgers are the best thing on earth, prove me wrong
  11. Tough, probably movies because theres not many TV shows i find enjoyable
  12. think about this, imagine having 2 little brain cells, then not having them anymore.
  13. staying up till 7 am then sleeping till 4 pm
  14. Can I be a member pwese adwmin :))))) i be good boy