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  1. This Kosher chicken noodle soup It was my grandmother's recipe she used to make every Passover before she passed (my grandmother and grandfather are Jewish for context) I'll have to find the recipe for it, I know its somewhere around my house. If I find the recipe I'll edit this post.
  2. This man is asking the real questions
  3. Guitar, lacrosse, skiing, shooting sports, wilderness camping.
  4. It so cute. Hope you stay safe where you are Donald.
  5. I really just like the UPS because it is fun to hold right click and keep putting on and off the silencer.
  6. Because I know some people who eat them toasted and others who don’t.
  7. Just for reference, the jungle area you surf into a wall that teleports you into a very forest jungle area that will have a surf game and some other stuff who knows. The snow area will be pool, and I’m planning on adding a area branching off that’s of it , that will be hockey. The 2nd photo is the area just outside of main cell area that takes you into the different sections. And the 1st photo is main cell area. please stop expecting a lot. You guys are scaring me.
  8. Edit: better picture of the jungle teleport
  9. plz no, I'm trying my hardest okay. But you have to understand it's not that easy to incorporate surf into everything. Oh no of course not, the CTs spawn in a box above cells that have surf ramps on either side that you can go down into main cell area
  11. Not quite, I took some time off of it recently but I'm back into dev-ing it as we speak. But, I want to make a disclaimer, don't expect much out of this map, it's my first one, but I'm liking how it is turning out so far.
  12. Personally I think it would be better if the tags were a bit farther below the gamepunch logo. With the way the models are it looks like the tag sort of warps into the logo. Apart from that these look sick, nice job Nation!