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  1. I’d just say “I damn hope you fall in the toilet seat backwards you centipede looking ass beaver teeth ass guacamole skin colon cancer sewer breath sand castle making looking ass mafka” then follow it up by taking a brand new flat screen 75” LED TV and a kurig machine and continually make a hot steaming cup of coffee while watching Trailer Park Boy’s on the TV. Now the most crucial step to this insult is ending it by saying “Id like to thank the academy” doing this will 100% 360 no scope your challenger to the 4th dimension where he or she will be forced to fight a lion named Richard in the jfk airport 4th of July weekend. edit: as an alternative you can just call them a waste of oxygen and to go drink chlorine
  2. It might be a problem if you have a kill bind and it’s being pressed on accident.
  3. Ever see Monty Python and the Life of Brian, that shit was funny as fuck. This was my favorite scene
  4. It’s only enabled in the nether, it’s disabled in overworld.
  5. ThatsNotLogical

    New PC

    I’m going to say this, don’t buy prebuilt it’s a scam. Other than that, recommend a ryzen build, ryzen 5 1600 or 2600 will do you fine. B450 mobo of your choice, if you choose the 2600, but if you chose the 1600 you will need to get a b350 board. I recommend not going with msi for choosing your mobo as well. Graphics card is really anything from a gtx 1050 to rx 580 8gb for budget purposes but you can pull out with a rtx 2070 for a bit more with better preformemce. PSU you should be good with a 550 bronze. And any case from Corsair is good, doesn’t have to be them but I like there designs. And 8gb of DDR4 should be good for memory. If you want you can buy a m.2 but those are a bit expensive, 1 Tb m.2 is as much as a 5tb wb hdd.
  6. Epic dude, thanks a lot @Oosikand @DemDunderBuds for setting this up!
  7. Really haven’t shown what I look like to anyone at gp before so, thought you guys might enjoy my sexy eyes
  8. Last one was amazing
  9. Mike, you sure that’s correct, if you move your mouse a cm your going to do a full 720 degree spin.
  10. No, this server isn’t accosiated with EgN like Huge said. Although, most of are playerbase are old EgN members.