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  1. whoop whoop updates always a plus
  2. alienware anything. just kidding, build your own. im using a thermaltake case with an intel i7 an older nvida 960, asus motherboard. lot of other shit. under $1000 and i can run just about any game i please
  3. got the corsair void rgb although the mic quality isn't great the quality (especially playing FPS) is phenomenal. also you can't beat the price . mine were $50 on sale at best buy. you can go wireless or wired. i got the wireless but probably should've gone wired because charging is a pain (battery lasts around 8 hours)
  4. awesome been waiting on an active US minigame server!
  5. got face mauled by a dog in the sixth grade had to get fifty stiches in the face and a splenic laceration from dirt biking. nothin serious lol