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  1. Will there possibly be more in the future?
  2. I guess I just nade wrong lol
  3. Yeah bro I would love to have gg with the gamepunch community that would be a blast.
  4. I think the cool down on a map being able to be nominated should be reduced, I find that all the good maps get played out and always get put on a crappy map that no one knows or enjoys. The waiting for a map to be available again just takes ages.
  5. I have a love hate relationship with the collision, I enjoy the blocking on games like colors and stuff but when I'm trapped in a cell or getting blocked by a teammate and crushed by a door it can be really frustrating.
  6. I would like to see a GamePunch gun game server, with maybe a store and the players of this great community on it. I'm tired of joining other gun game servers because most of the time its bots and not real people.
  7. I really like playing on the Pub server sometimes but a lot of the time when I get on it its dead. I was wondering if maybe bots can be added to the server when there's only one or two people on, then take them out once enough people join.
  8. I don't really find them an issue, I kinda laugh at myself when I shoot at them are get startled by them lol. Just pay more attention.
  9. Yeah I think extra head armor would be a little op, when Ts are rebelling and are using guns like the USP, glock, TMP(pea shooter) it already takes to long to kill cts, just would be too much.
  10. I find that the nades in Jailbreak are really weak and kinda useless, I think if I throw a nade at a cts toes it should do more damage or even kill them instead of 23 hp. Maybe a buff on nade damage if possible?
  11. To add on to this I think a warday shouldn't be able to take place in the same spot more than once it gets pretty annoying on maps like ganja when warday is only in soccer and garage.
  12. I think you guys should add a store with player models, trails, hats, etc... with a credit system, would give a little more to grind on the server more