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  1. This has Literally nothing to do with samira xD if you look at her ban appeal I even told her she didnt learn her lesson from previous times. I just dont want to be a member anymore. I dont agree with the shit y'all say and do sometimes and I dont wanna be apart of it and wear the tags it's honestly not even a big deal. I didnt want negativity on my post and I didnt want some drama bullshit either but here we are. Just wanted to leave in peace.
  2. idk i don't really know what to say but i also dont want to say anything. This is just a personal thing and i love you guys so much but i can't support a group of people who enforce rules on a server and then do the opposite in discord or w.e. I will still play whenever but i dont wanna wear the tags and support a community when you dont enforce the rules anywhere else in your clan and ban people for the same shit its fudged up.
  3. I love so many different types of food but I would have to go with food from my favorite place called Thai Ocha Cafe. I would get Yellow curry and pineapple fried rice. So good. And obviously a jar of pickles because I'm obsessed xD
  4. Wicked fahkin cold kid.
  5. Sup dooooooood :3

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      What you doing today? :P

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      just chillin lol