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  1. I forgot my password so I can only use the lockscreen
  2. I'd get a little bit of everything cause if its my last meal and imma go out on a full tummy. I'd get some Pork Dumplings with chicken fried rice, and then a big plate of chicken parm with spaghetti. Then I'd get a fat bacon cheeseburger with some sweet potato fries on the side. Then for desert I'd have some double stuffed oreos with a glass of milk.
  3. Would you rather have it wicked hot out or wicked cold? I like the cold more since you can bundle up and take on and off the layers. But when it’s wicked hot your just fucked.
  4. Get the house of my dreams and a bunch of land, then i’d just keep doing what I’m doing.
  5. Awp cause if you're good with it everyone immediately turns into a whiny lil bitch
  6. Shave that shit off I’ll even buy the razor xD or braid it and put beads in it to look like a Viking
  7. Hyper X cloud 2 Works great for me and its wicked comfortable
  8. I work for a Natural Gas Utility Company. I install and fix gas pipes in peoples homes among other things.