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  1. I forgot my password so I can only use the lockscreen
  2. I'd get a little bit of everything cause if its my last meal and imma go out on a full tummy. I'd get some Pork Dumplings with chicken fried rice, and then a big plate of chicken parm with spaghetti. Then I'd get a fat bacon cheeseburger with some sweet potato fries on the side. Then for desert I'd have some double stuffed oreos with a glass of milk.
  3. Would you rather have it wicked hot out or wicked cold? I like the cold more since you can bundle up and take on and off the layers. But when it’s wicked hot your just fucked.
  4. Sup dooooooood :3

    1. *ruffles*
    2. SillyBanana


      What you doing today? :P

    3. *ruffles*


      just chillin lol


  5. Get the house of my dreams and a bunch of land, then i’d just keep doing what I’m doing.
  6. Awp cause if you're good with it everyone immediately turns into a whiny lil bitch
  7. Shave that shit off I’ll even buy the razor xD or braid it and put beads in it to look like a Viking
  8. Hyper X cloud 2 Works great for me and its wicked comfortable
  9. I work for a Natural Gas Utility Company. I install and fix gas pipes in peoples homes among other things.