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  1. REPORT RESOLVED Thank you submitting this bug report! The report is resolved.
  2. I've had some water and a few pringles so far
  3. Alex

    Happy Halloween!

    Just pass out joints instead
  4. Have either of you tried the FPS booster? @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation @Diazepam
  5. Alex

    Mod+ Meeting

    6 est regular meeting is at 6:30 est
  6. @Larry_The_Lobster the three main things I would lower are your resolution, anti aliasing, and filtering mode. Those should give you an fps boost and you can lower the other stuff too for a little better performance.
  7. Alex

    Mic Problems

    Do you use speakers or a pair of headphones?
  8. Congratulations to @Matt message me on discord and I’ll send your codes over!