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  1. Alex

    Mic Problems

    Do you use speakers or a pair of headphones?
  2. Congratulations to @Matt message me on discord and I’ll send your codes over!
  3. Ok everyone it’s been 7 days already. Here is the number, you have 3 more days. You can also post twice a day starting today
  4. I love DoDS add me on steam and we can all play soon
  5. Welcome to the forums Chippy, hope I see you in game soon!
  6. Hey gamers, in the next week and a half I am going to be giving away a copy of WWII along with the Bravery pack and the Fear Not pack! I will randomly pick a number 1-400 and you guys will count upwards from 1 until someone gets the correct number. Sounds easy right? Here are some rules first -- Rules 1. You must be a current member of GP to participate. 2. You may count up to 5 sequential numbers per post and they must follow the last valid number posted. 3. You may post once per 24 hours. 4. The first person to post a number claims that number (i.e. if you post a number that someone else has posted it wont count and you'll lose your turn for the day). 5. Do not ask me what the number is. 6. Breaking rules 2 or 3 will get you one warning and then disqualified. Breaking rule 5 will immediately disqualify you. 7. Posts that break rule 2 will be deleted to avoid confusion. 7. These rules are subject to change at any time and are not open for interpretation. If no one reaches the number within 7 days (10/12/19) I will disclose the number and you will have 3 more days to reach it. Once the number is reached I will make a seperate post announcing the winner! Good luck and have fun! Call Of Duty WW2 - Steam Page
  7. You can tag a jb admin in discord if you see this happening
  8. Alex

    Modern Warfare

    I haven't played a good cod game in at least 7 years so I'm not gonna get my hopes up
  9. Chick fil a all day son, the only good thing about popeyes is the biscuits
  10. I've played the oboe, the trumpet, guitar, and drums over the course of my life but unfortunately I haven't touched an instrument in years. I'm thinking of getting back into guitar here soon though
  11. Welcome to the forums blur! See you in JB