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  1. The best insults are always gonna be super personal and customized for whoever you're trying to roast but here are a few of my favorite generic ones You should carry around a potted plant. And apologize to it constantly for wasting the oxygen it produces Your brain is on airplane mode Even Bob Ross thinks you're a mistake and if you wanna just hurl curse words at someone you can always call them a cockjuggling thundercunt
  2. Is this happening on the JB server or the MG server?
  3. I loved schism but its pretty much the only Tool I've listened to
  4. I'm lovin the vaporwave vibe on some of these
  5. lol I pretty much love anything that they made
  6. Pulp Fiction is probably my favorite movie but The LOTR trilogy, The Big Lebowski, and Monty Python & the Holy Grail all come pretty close
  7. Lmao what the fuck did I miss last night
  8. See you when you get back man, bring me back some maple syrup!
  9. Give me that heat bruh. I hate being so cold I can feel it all the way to my bones. Also I really love being in the water which cant be done in extreme cold
  10. Put it in my brokerage account while I work for about ten years and then use the gains + savings to retire on dividends