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  1. Sick of the noise of Radio Commands ? you have a Headache and you just wanna have fun without any Noisy Commands like (fire in the hole!) ? Type in console : ignorerad When you type that you won't hear any commands. That command doesn't work on some servers Note: type it again in console to DEACTIVATE it Not many of you know it
  2. That command works great on zombie escape servers
  3. I Have not much to say but, this community has become great and has plenty of nice people, not surprised of the growth that the community reached to. Wanted to say i wish the best for this community and wanna tell you keep recruiting new members and stay in the path of respect, love and the kindness. Wish you the best of luck . Am out!
  4. 600 DPI / 2.8 In-game Mouse : Havit-RGB
  5. Awesome work, thank you guys for making things better for the server.
  6. Hope things go OK habibi, be safe!
  7. Welcome to the forums Snitchy Glad you are here and hope you enjoy.
  8. Nicholas Cage ya habibi Welcome welcome
  9. Well, for me i used to play cs 1.3 in the cafe with friends on LAN with the name DELVER Then after i decided to change it to DOLV since the name leaves nice and loud tune to the ear and has it own huge/high prestige.
  10. Hey Chucky Chuck <3, welcome to the forums.
  11. I would say that thinking a lot is my struggle in life. Like i think too much in small things, i count for everything for the far future. Well we of course have to think for everything and find solutions but for me it's way much. It's weird but i do care even about small things that's what i call it.
  12. Was born smexy af, so i decided to make it public and special so i went to aim at SEXY MEN and HUGO BOSS
  13. D o L v


    Hey ruf, lol i feel a little confused, do you work in construction or something like that? :V
  14. Hello, I would like to suggest some cool Plugins that you can add to public server: -A throwing 1 knife each round, another throwing knife can be gained by a regular knifing an enemy. Gives -65 or less body damage. Instant kill headshot. -Trap [HE] Grenade, how that works: Press and Hold the key [R] before you throw the grenade will stick it on the place it lands on for a limited time of 20 sec, the nade will instantly kill you if you walk over it. You can also neutralize/return the trap grenade by aiming at it and holding SHIFT [walk]. Want it to explode? Press [E] will make your trapped grenade explode. Ideas from another community.
  15. I love reacting 10 weeks a day.
  16. Hahahahahahahahahha you know that bro xD
  17. Hahhahhahhaahahahaaahhahaha i was gonna take the AWP but then i heard the Grenade falling on the floor and i was like "Oh Shit, oh shit"
  18. I used to play Football and now watching Football Spanish, English and Champions League.
  19. We need people to agree to make it happen
  20. Well, that sounds cool However, this can actually delay the round with the longer time it takes to get a headshot.
  21. Not complicated at all, it's just something new you will get used to it quickly and could be better for longer nade distance However, you can easily throw the Grenade away far in the air using the trap plugin and when it gets in the place you want then there you can make it explode anytime you want.
  22. Cool thing you gotta find a place that is unnoticed for other players that can just walk over without noticing there's a trap nade, just like doors in dd2
  23. Congratulations Habibi, hope he will be raised by your love and kindness