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  1. The time has come, I'm stepping away from my position. I'll start off by thanking all the people that I've played with since the start and made some great memories with. Throughout my time here it has been fun but that fun is no longer there for me, yeah sure there are some moments here and there but not as how it used to be. Thanks for all the great memories and see ya on the flip side. So long, - Shawn.
  2. It's been a good run, See ya chief.
  3. my profile pic and something to do with coding
  4. I'll have 1 order of the Cursed Spray extra Cursed.
  5. Yooooo that armory design what was the original map that had that, I've been tryna remember it for the longest
  6. Next build incoming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. I'll miss those casual banters we'd have in the chats, hopefully we can still catch each other with em.
  8. chief that J is backwards
  9. Adam, I'll miss ya buddy, it's gonna be weird playing once this happens knowing that the backbone for what the community has become today will be gone. I thank you for all the things you've taught me programmatic wise seeing as I don't have a traditional CS degree and have to learn a lot of topics that were not covered when I went through college. I'll remember back on the days to where we used to sit and think about what we would add to JailbreakEX back when that was a thing lol. It's been a great knowing you and playing with you since the beginning of the community and I can't wait for you to do great things in the future bud. Stay Safe, Shawn.
  10. I have a "fix" but we will need to rework the way the maps are setup in the ftp with a config file for each of them @Dunder