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  1. Just finished reading all of Bukowski's stuff which were all freaking awesome... any suggestions/recomendations along the lines of his writing?
  2. Toqsin

    Whats up

    Moving back to Michigan tomorrow!!!
  3. mostly rezz like stuff, edm type stuff p.s. Idk how the hell you got that Spotify playlist to show on here but apparently I can’t do the same with my apple playlist. Just click on it though you won’t be dissapointed
  4. same aha but it was definitley good. cant wait for season 5
  5. lucifer is pretty good,and if you want a really long one you can watch for awhile supernatural is like 14 seasons long and its not half bad
  6. Toqsin


    A place where you can just tell the most random most hilarious most true or untrue stories ever or read the genius of somebody else’s imagination and just have a good laugh!!!
  7. Toqsin


    Ah yes. Thank you comrade for your kind reminder
  8. Toqsin


    what the hell is valve?
  9. Toqsin

    movie night?

    yea they just updated it too. you can even join just on your phone as well and its freaking awesome!!
  10. Toqsin

    movie night?

    So down it sounds awesome either way
  11. Toqsin

    movie night?

    You can watch movies in games??? I was just thinking about using
  12. Toqsin

    movie night?

    like once every other week something to get everybody more friendly with each other. lets mohana this shit!!! mohana means family from lilo and stitch, i just really like movie nights
  13. Toqsin

    movie night?

    idk i just really like movie nights.