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  1. T's type 1 in chat for Eric, type 2 in chat for ...somebody else. 2 2 2 2 2 2
  2. First CT without a mic that dies gets swapped? That seems like a happy medium between both philosophies. No favoritism and no hindrance of gameplay. While it's not required to have a mic to play CT, it is definitively a huge +1, and should be treated as a priority over a non-mic CT when someone needs to be swapped. The more CT's with Mics, the less text wardens, and ultimately, the better. Also, it's more likely the for the warden to die first, as they tend to be the most highly targeted CT. Usually whoever is wardening is likely the most active warden at the time, hence why they're warden. With just the rule of "First CT to die gets swapped", the most likely person to get swapped would be the most active wardening CT, statistically speaking. Kind of counter-intuitive.
  3. In the instance of there being too many CT’s, I have noticed a mod will usually decide that the first CT to die will get swapped. I think a better solution would to be to swap a CT without a mic, as to not hinder gameplay. Practically speaking, a mod could do a brief mic check, and in the instance of multiple CT’s without mics, we could choose the one with the lowest score/highest latency/member rank etc, take your pick. Also, while we are on the subject, are Mods allowed to swap someone off CT so they can be CT when the CT team is struggling, even when there are numerous active competent wardens? Witnessed this issue and it seemed a tad like admin abuse. Would rather not name the Mod personally.
  4. 9/10 times when playing colors, a T presses the button to start it. It would be unfair to have half the T’s legally protected from entering the game while some T’s are already playing it and possibly dying. The same can be said for deathcrate, etc. it would be a highly exploited rule also would remove that lovely creative game of running through deathcrate and make it back alive.
  5. There is a plugin that would force someone to play on T before joining CT for 2 hours. I have seen other servers do it and it has been successful for them. My only worry is that naziwardens will discourage the new player from sticking around long enough to learn CT.
  6. I think we should let the T’s decide who gets to warden
  7. I believe they are supposed to notify the CT of the start and end points. I believe it’s like a unwritten rule, just like how you cant russian roulette a ct in a position that will kill them afterwords
  8. Low Gravity Dodgeball is iconic. How dare you even think of changing such a thing. Of its taking too long, just tell them to close the gap.
  9. Funny cause ive been slayed by Mods for being on that ladder haha. Nice warday idea Ari!
  10. The spray is our little artistic bit of individuality. How can we have opinionated spray contest days? In several JB maps, theres literally spray contest areas. The spray is an integral part of jailbreak, and to remove them because of a few bad apples is actually laughable. You’re playing right into the troll’s hands.
  11. I will teach you all my ways to pass down to future generations for years to come The goal is not winning or killing T's The goal is to have fun and make people laugh I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333