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  1. Sus yo, Some of you know me some of you don't and some of you forgot me :(( , started jailbreak around 2016 on egn , met amazing people , spent a fuck load of time , got drunk , gave myself a break to pursue my life and found out egn died ,rip.Everyone moved to gamepunch so lo here i am(was already here 6 months ago but ehh left :p) so imma start playing from today , nice to meet y'all.
  2. My Curse by KillSwitch Engage
  3. I find guns interesting and I would really love to have a collection. Unfortunately I don't own any weapons (i'm 16 lmfao).I once shot 25 rounds of a savage 10fp rifle at my uncles compound on a target that was like 91 meters away. It was my first time so I sucked at aiming but I managed to get about 9 bulls eye.
  4. Doki Doki literature club. Its gonna start out nice but then shit gets really fucked up and the ending makes you feel uneasy , depressed and weird
  5. This one time after recess , I was going back to my class and I saw my 35 year old MARRIED biology teacher going into the males restroom , I just decided to be a nice guy and tell her that this ain't the females restroom but then I saw an A level student going after her then I understood something messed up was gonna happen. But lmao at the same time a bunch of 8th graders went in and I couldn't get the time to stop them , so what happened was that my teacher was making out with that student , probably touching each other too lmfao and this whole group of 8th graders stood there watching , it was just so hilarious , well the news was out and she got fired from the school and probably divorced.... My lowest grade to this day was a B- at my Geography CIE because I found the subject uninteresting and it was boring as hell , I remember my dad screaming at me and taking away my pc lmfao.....
  6. Mine's Razer Kraken Pro V2 Esports , its lightweight , has noise cancelling , 50mm neodymium magnet drivers giving heavy bass , 7.1 surround , detachable wire(for mobile phones) , and a really good mic. It's at an affordable price of $99 but i've heard the price has dropped to around $48-60