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  1. Chicken kebab and 1/4 pounder cheese burger from my local kebab house. Simple and tasty
  2. Cold, I got some hella nice jumpers (sweaters, pullovers w/e u fuckers say) plus my nan knitts me some nice ones
  3. Lemme know if u know chinese well enough to translate some shit i bought
  4. invest it somewhere, maybe real estate, keep a couple thousand to put down on a house and work van.
  5. try file integrity on properties in the library
  6. Ephex, after sitting at the campfire, huddling you between my arms, swaying side to side while roasting marshmallows, listening to back street boys play their symphonies through the small radio we had perched on a log and throwing lifeless, unlit charcoal at children, i often wondered, did that actually happen? I don't think it did....maybe not with you? Good luck with everything. I don't know you enough to touch tips and give you kisses n shit like these other nerds so enjoy my completely true anecdote of our relationship ^.-
  7. I'm 90% CT when i'm on, some days I cba to warden and others I do warden. Why? Because it's easy kills, every T is usually an idiot in someway, and I seem to have a talent when it comes to pissing people off for kills because I know the rules well enough to use em to kill dumb fucks, i luv it.
  8. get mine, cheap and cheerful, Newer NW-700 Arm is a bit loose but outside of that, served me well.
  9. Nice, always thought to myself to work to learn pen testing shit but i'm too lazy, got like 50 books on cyber and network security from humble bundle XD
  10. Sup dood, welcome.