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  1. gets mod then fucks off, unbelievable. Have fun bud :')
  2. i usually mix anything and everything :') If you want a strangely tasty combo, try vodka, whiskey, lemonade, cherry soda, brown ale and jagermeister. I call it the shit face.
  3. sweet no more bad maps. jk ^^ Shame you're leaving, but life aint that important psssh Gl with everything, dude
  4. snooker/pool, woodwork, used to be in into football (soccer) a lot, playing not watching, photoshop. Things I do i'm shit at, sing all the time, try play guitar.
  5. Added 18 Though I think the rule regarding demonstrating covers this, this gives it a bit of clarification. Added after enquiring with Staff. 18. Warden MUST demonstrate SKILL-BASED TASKS on map games that DO NOT originally have them incorporated. I.E. T's must BHOP up climb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DO NOT USE THIS THREAD FOR POST COUNTS TOWARDS YOUR 10 POSTS UNLESS APPROPRIATE SUGGESTIONS ARE MADE. These posts will be deleted. THESE ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL RULES OF THE JAILBREAK SERVER Enquire all issues with staff, do NOT insist this list upon them to enforce. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If a Forum staff reads this, please delete all previous posts, excluding this.
  6. not good enough rony tigaboni. gl with school life nerd anyways.
  7. OhhDandy

    CS:S Prop Hunt

    It's enjoyable. I've always played with a different system where you run around and press E to switch a prop rather than from a menu but that's minor, I don't think it overly affects the gameplay. Only things were the /whistle feature should be a timed event that automatically plays to give CT's a chance, it could also be louder. Free-look during freeze, and maybe give CT's a nade. Reason for the nade being from previous servers. A Server I played way back used HL2 SMG, Shotgun and crowbar as the loadout, the SMG had a nade launcher that could be used. But it's always a risky move to use one so I think it'd be funny watching a ct yeet a nade then get fucked
  8. OhhDandy

    CS:S Prop Hunt

    ye, played it a good amount, heres a dl to it if you still looking https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/2648
  9. Damn, we'll set up some funding for the prison break ^.- Gl bro.
  10. i'm poor as tits so all I can do really is wish them the best and hope for more rain in terms of finding a hat for the store, I doubt we'll get one already made but we could add a patch to the custom skins or make a skin with a large one on the back with Koala Relief in place of the rank? Could be a $1 donation skin maybe. @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation @Glow
  11. I played hosties on I3d way back when they first launched, I don't remember spawning with deagles tho .-. I do remember super small maps and no games XD
  12. I'm sure i've seen you somewhere ^.- Welcome.
  13. take a collection of drugs and hope for the best :')
  14. The way i make motion / distance sprays is with .dds extension on photoshop, you can then edit the individual mip layers on the psd. You have to download the .DDS extension and put it in your ps folder to use it. VPKtool converts .dds to VTF. VTFEdit saves a .VMT of the VTF which goes with it in the Cstrike folder - materials - vgui - logos If a spray doesn't want to upload try it in JPEG or .TGA