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  1. Ohhdandy

    Can't stand it!

    People that don't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze , kids especially. They deserve a throat punch imo. Medium rare for a steak too, seared one side pepper, rosemary, rest then a but of salt. Good steak.
  2. Ohhdandy

    Can't stand it!

    Posh people too lazy to walk shopping carts to where they live instead leaving them in a space. Literally just watched this
  3. Ohhdandy

    Can't stand it!

    People who constantly repeat themselves after they've been acknowledged People who don't clean up after themselves People who make a dash for a give-way when it's my right of way, (i will pull into the middle of the road before I get there so they can fuckin wait, then i slow right down) Tailgaters, especially when cars have LED lamps Playing music in public while they are walking somewhere, usually kids, usually shit music. dog shit on paths People who think my pets are going to like them and chase them, my cat will kill your child step the fuck away.
  4. Thank god for samira, praise be to the bringer of plugins and the hater of weebs.
  5. Welcome to the forums. I appreciate the use of Zero.
  6. Welcome to the server / forum, if you have any troubles spam @Glow he really won't mind.
  7. Ohhdandy


    After work i'd usually take a hella long bath, salts and muscle soaks n shit, gets me in a good mood. some people work it out by punching a pillow or some shit. Depression sucks, don't get it :')
  8. 1:38:00 I mean nothing beats plants voice (also why I like greta van fleet) and that shit page plays, like ear sex
  9. General banter channels and the odd interesting one, Jaackmate, WillNe, Jay and zach. Mark Rober for interesting stuff
  10. a ode to my youth, 13 yr old self, not so much now.
  11. Sup wife, long time no see. where are the kids?
  12. I like these, adds a bit more dynamics into the game. If possible i'd suggest reducing the block commands down to !b !ub for ease of use and admins !ab !au? I've always been a lazy command user less to type ya know, If not i imagine people will still bind them anyway, at least main wardens will. None the less, good plugins @organ-harvester and Jordi, look forward to seeing them being used. @Glow Further appreciating the work you're putting in to change it up.
  13. @Glow @HunterX848 I would smoke ya both at chess. @Kiwi_Warrior will tell you both. Wonder how many would play in a GP Chess championship ^.-