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  1. Prob a bit of beautiful British Engineering. DB10. For the day to day MC20 for the fun shit
  2. #[email protected] Also late but..i've unfortunately been with you longer than 2 years. Hap Bday GP, you're getting old.
  3. [B05] 'Frozen' means that you cannot jump or move; however, you can crouch and look around. CTs cannot force Ts to face a direction and stay facing that direction unless it is for a game. I'd probably agree to what you're saying, though I can't say it's ever been a issue. It could be interpreted, as you say, as a flat out CT's just can't tell you to outside of a game. I can't remember If I reworded this at any point, If I did then I did sloppy work I'd prob just make it a stand alone rule [CT18] CT's Cannot force T's, outside of an AFK freeze, to stay facing a direction, unless in a game.
  4. Here's to hoping it is at least. Happy New Year while it lasts
  5. I've only ever seen you semi-active tbh. Penis joke. Wb
  6. Lmao It's literally just reducing how many times they give you a chance to 3, nothing new is being implemented, just moderators tolerance has changed. If you're struggling on defining what 'toxicity' is in terms of moderation - Saying unnecessary things, pointless inputs to bring someone down, bigoted and targeted terms(falls under ignorance), sly remarks, cocky attitudes (troll behaviour), ignorance, disregard for people, obnoxious and there are plenty more.
  7. There are no plans to implement a rule to let T's ignore the orders or to restrict the play styles of CT's who decide to act on T's not following them. That being said, this will be locked. If you have an issue with players regarding their attitudes or you feel they are breaking rules, you can make a complaint with sufficient evidence that will be reviewed.
  8. Damn, mario still living in the 30's where every woman bakes at home and every man builds cars :'), tho her working at a bakery doesn't help but still ^.- Guys like space, so somewhere for him to chill, and if he has hobbies, something for them, but if he's in construction, a nice new truck or some shit to carry his tools and materials around would be enough for him, let alone a house being paid for. Woman are less greedy than dudes, she prob just wants time with her family to appreciate what she has. Day out or something for all of them could be ideal, takes their minds off the shit that's happened, creates good memories where the bad ones were. "shit the house burn't down, but fuck I kicked ur ass in go-karting bitch" ya know :') Kids like games, that's just kids.
  9. sub ins during, they just a replacement otherwise :') No sub ins - but if someone aint there u replace em if u on their level or worse. Idfk half this shit i let hunter do the team shit @UPDAWG you'll have to be on stand by to see if someone aint here.
  10. OhhDandy

    Christmas Gifts

    new PC shit or headphones ig
  11. Zelda Wind Waker, always worth a play