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  1. Cya dude, hope ya keep well, I agree with all the love an peace shit for once tho :')
  2. Aint got any pics of em but medium rare cheese burger with mushrooms and bacon is the easiest thing I make that just melts in my mouth, so good. Outside of that my go to when i'm at restaurants I get 12oz sirloin medium rare, usually with fried potatoes, mushroom and garlic sauce.
  3. where tf is it then?! Let us see u fkin sm1 up Yes, twice. Both for breaking someones limb.
  4. Snooker and rock climbing / bouldering
  5. since my car is beat up to fuck, have a nice picture of someone else's only a 1.6 sport v-tech. If I had money it'd be fast :') I'd turn it into a street racer. put a nice wide body kit on, new coilovers, turbo, clutch, intake, it'd be beautiful ;-;
  6. tbh i forgot about u :lenny: I'm kidding, it was nice having you around my man. Loved playing with you, great admin too. Enjoy cod bb
  7. Welcome to the forums, glad you enjoyed the JB, hope it keeps ya around.
  8. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your time here. @Stompy chaos v2 with forum peeps? :')
  9. OhhDandy

    Repeat call out

    It's easier to slay a CT who freekills then to moderator 20 T's with the ability to abuse a radio. If CT's aren't paying attention to repeats then they should be swapped for not paying attention. If someone is stood still, just look in chat for a repeat. This is a trigger happy issue nothing else.
  10. If cells are open and there's no orders then i'm slaying the CT's. Suggested a re-write for this when I shortened all the rules that no one took notice to. The rule should just be "T's away from cells are KOS" Indi already said that ninja stepping is KOS after orders in our last community meeting. Cells shouldn't have to be open or shut to make someone a rebel.
  11. May as well, HDD's are good for storage, each colour is better for different stuff but SSD is gunna run it quicker
  12. How much ram you got and what is the game running from? (HDD / SSD / M.2) @()__Green__))> You are pretty much near top end hardware for their specs so I don't see why you need a new card. You're card beats their recommended 970 option and isn't far from a 1660, but a 1660 will out perform it.
  13. reminds me of that mg map where u climb up them buildings. Looks good
  14. Cya man, sorry for being a piece of shit. Hopefully we can still fuck about on rust some time. Take it easy sexy pool boi ;-;
  15. I'm fairly new to mapping myself Like logical said, get an idea on what you want to make, JB, MG, is it a course map or a multi games etc.. If It's JB, focus on laying out what you want and get an idea of what games you want to put down. Get these programs. BSPSRC - Decompiler VPKtool - Texture tool - If you have a .dds addon with PS you can convert to VTF, but works for other extension types too. VTFedit - Texture tool - Saves VTF's and creates VMT's. VMT's are edited in notepad to import textures to SDK by changing path directories For starting out with learning any map, decompile someone elses map and look at what they use and how they made the traps / courses / games. There are plenty of tutorials on hammer features to figure out how to use them. I've learned a good amount from https://www.tophattwaffle.com/ You're first map is more than likely going to be made of prefabs (things other people have made) pasted in.