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  1. welcome back, i expect to see some top quality wardening from u in the future
  2. i went to the philippines this june and i went to a fan show where people perform a dance with beautiful large fans. I really enjoyed it and i bought a couple of fans from there and I wanted to try to dance like they did on the show. I learnt some moves from youtube and I know how to dance a bit to where i could give a quick 5 min performance. They're fun to do while ur partying with your friends and you can basically freestyle pretty easily since its style is pretty flexible and you can show off a bunch of emotions like sass, love, disgust, and etc. Its also really fun to whip out a fan out of ur pocket and just quickly fan urself like its nothing
  3. graciekaeri


    money is how much ur mum costs
  4. nooo please (i really) think of you as an inspiration! (dont) block me
  5. @Duckii is the nicest person in the world
  6. people dont have attention spans anymore so if u could make it look short and simplified people would actually read it. And ofc have a detailed ver which is ^^ i alr made something similar to this but its a lost cause. goodwork!
  7. only thing idrc about is the secret ladder thing in razer, pretty much a classic and everyone knows it so doesnt rlly matter. Everything else+1