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  1. Hah mike i saw this alot as well you said it better than anyone else could have
  2. I guess you can't really call this a struggle, but it's very similar to what Chuck said. My life is pretty boring, I hang out w/ friends and go out every so often, but all of those moments feel so empty. They feel like everyones nonexistent and I'm in my own selfish world. The only thing that keeps me somewhat entertained is playing games. And even that is getting boring. I think the problem is that everything around me isn't worth putting my all into, and because of that i feel like i'm just a waiting for something to happen. I love the feeling of trying my best, trying my hardest and of course having fun with it. Maybe I just have to go crazy at a local park and start climbing to highest point. But, I don't want to do that lol. I am going to the philippines in a few weeks so i'm really excited to go, but i need to find myself something to do in the mean time. c:
  3. During the time I was an admin at Gamepunch, I was honestly feeling kind of lost and just did my job as an admin. I was forcing myself to do things I didn't want to do and became someone who isn't me. Gamepunch was populated, it has lots of kind people there and I guess for me it just didn't feel the same anymore. I loved seeing GP grow as a community and it made me really happy. I always had this "I must do my job" kind of attitude while I played jailbreak, so I barely had any fun. I tried thinking from a different perspective and tried having fun but I was too focused on "trying to have fun". Then when minecraft came I decided to become an MC Admin, I felt a lot better there and had more fun there than I did anywhere else. Deep inside me there was still something missing. I still don't know what that is as if right now. Instead of just dragging my feet around and being the selfish person that I am now, I am leaving Gamepunch. I want to thank everyone who has entertained me in Gamepunch and everyone who helped me. I'd like to thank DemDunderBuds for listening to me rant about my shenanigans, Crack for playing overwatch with me and making fun little jokes with me, <>< for being my superior in Jailbreak and making it more bearable, Connor for putting up with my childish little convo's, Indi for being the big scary man I always thought he was and making me feel more determined to do better. And of course Everyone in the Gamepunch community. Everyone in the community has helped me, but these people were the highlights of my time during GP. I'll still be playing on our servers every so often, so don't worry if you're going to miss me, I know a few who will I love you all, and I hope you all have a great day! ♥ Love, Grace ♥
  4. So apparently our pipes were broken and all the water started going down into the basement flooding it since february, now its april and the basement is all flooded and now theres a bunch of black mold under our house making us sick so we're living in a hotel for a week. we never really go down the basement because the entrance to it is outside amd its really small with nothing in it. the mold is seeping through the cracks of the floor starting in my room first and that explains why i got really sick a few weeks ago. In conclusion, ill be back in a week till the people fix it all up Srry guys love you!
  5. There are some people who are great at some unusual things. I'm really good at getting prizes from crane machines. Even the little duck machines, I've gotten 9 ducks in one run with only 5$. (If you saw my duck collection you would know). In the history of my life so far, I've gotten around 30 ducks, 2 big bouncy balls, 15ish plushies, an Ice cream pencil case, and one of those ticket crane machines I won 2,000 tickets &more just can't remember \o/. I've lost most of my ducks due to moving and my dog eating them I gave away some plushies to my brother and my neighbors children. I only kept the cute ones So.. what are your unusual talents??
  6. In my sophomore year I saw this couple and they were both furries. The girl had a legit dog shock collar and the boyfriend had the controller to shock her. She would yelp like a dog when her boyfriend shocked her. Everytime i walked by her and her bf she would growl at me like a god damn animal. It was disgusting. EDIT: She also wore catears and a big ass tail.
  7. Gracie is my real name, Keaton was my old name and i follow this cute asian girl i admire. Her names taeritaeri so i just replaced t with k and gracie kaeri rhymes so ez. Keaton comes from a friend of mine that ive known for years and died from a carcrash
  8. I used to be an insane piano player in my freshman&sophomore years I just stopped playing because i dont have a piano/keyboard at home and classes knly went up to piano 2
  9. I was texting my crush on the bus and he didnt know who i was and i told him i sitting on the seat across from him. Lol he looked at me and smiled. But im too stupid to talk irl
  10. I used to say three as tree and other words that had like th's in them i couldnt pronounce lol until3rd grade. Like t(h)rough and t(h)ree