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  1. bye connor, stay clean and safe! sad to see you go, i'll miss you! hope everything turns up fine!
  2. I played volleyball for a long time and we did a bunch of spike exercises even if we weren't spikers lmfao so we'd jump alot. Normally we'd have this huge circle composing of 2 nets and we'd go around training our spiking, receiving, diving, and serving skills. We ran a mile twice a week. We also did this reaction time workout where a ball was inbetween you and your teammate and you bend your knees and do a few hand positions and whenever our coach says go, the first one to grab the ball gets to sit out running a mile. We also do basic lower body exercises. HOWEVER I don't do volleyball anymore All i really do is run and eat yummy fruits and chicken
  3. I use newspaper to make campfires
  4. thanks everyone ill edit it now, also this is a generalization of jailbreak, not strictly gamepunch jailbreak, at the bottom I mentioned this
  5. Logical has already done something similar to this, but I'd like to add this as well. This was an old "How to play Jailbreak" script, we were planning to make a tutorial video on it back in February, but we never got to it so now its just collecting dust, so I thought it would be a good Idea to put it here. @Huge285 has helped me with this and the red text is his credit. And also I'm definitely sure @Toxic and @Shawn has helped me with this. There are also some more others that have helped me with this back then, but its been too long I can't remember How to Play Jailbreak This guide is meant to explain how jailbreak works for new players and teach them how to play. After reading this you will have a basic understanding of how to play Jailbreak on CS:S Goal The aim of the game is for the Terrorists to successfully rebel against the Counter Terrorist's orders. Or for the Counter Terrorists to resist this rebellion. Counter-Terrorist Your main objective is to control Terrorists while you order them around to various places depending on the map. (Map Games, Pool, Soccer, and etc.) The CTs must try to rightfully kill off Ts until there are enough for LR. This means killing off T’s who loses games, rebels, etc. The warden has the authority over other CTs to give orders. (Type !w to become Warden.) The wardens job is to progress the round by giving these orders. All non-warden CT’s cannot give orders(except ordering Ts to drop weapons), but must ensure that the orders of the warden are obeyed, and must look out for the warden so he doesn’t get killed by a rebelling T. If the warden does not have a mic, he/she must unwarden (!uw) and a CT with a mic must take warden and give orders. An exception is you are the last CT left. When a CT sees a T disobeying an order, the CT is allowed to shoot them. However, this depends on how the T is disobeying or “rebelling”. If you kill an obeying T (a T following the orders), it is called a freekill and you will be subject to it. All non-warden CT’s must also give a verbal warning before killing a T. Example: You/Warden send the T’s to soccer, but you see one stray off slightly, but discreetly. In this situation, you would give the T a Verbal warning. If he/she continues to do so, you may kill them. Example - The CT would say something like: “Warning "Name", do not detour, go directly to soccer or you will get killed” - If the T does not follow this warning and continues to detour, you may kill him. Although there are many circumstances where you will find yourself giving out warnings, you also have to realize that some things the T's do can be considered auto-kill/Kill on sight (KOS). Mainly, if a T has a secondary gun or a primary gun out at ALL you can kill them. If a T is blatantly disobeying orders, you may kill them. However, if the T has the gun holstered, you may not kill him, but give him a warning/order him to drop the gun. If he refuses he is KOS. If there are 2 remaining Ts left, those 2 Ts have Last Request (LR). Unless, they are rebelling or it is a warday. Only warden can give out Pardons to rebelling Ts. (The pardoned T may return and do the orders.) Do not be in the knifing range of the Terrorists, or it is considered as baiting, in which the baited T may knife you, until you exit the knifing range. If you enter their knifing range and they knife you, you cannot kill them. Terrorist Playing as a T is much less harrowing than playing as a CT is. You have far fewer rules to break, however you are much more prone to death since you follow the CT's orders As a T, your main focus is to rebel and eliminate the CT team. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. The CT team starts with guns, whereas T’s only spawn with a knife, the cells where T's spawn usually don't have anything in them, except for the ever so often grenade or pistol. At the start of the round,If you decide to rebel and not follow orders,, you should usually try to find any Secrets, such as weapons, teleports, or vents in your cell and use them if deemed a good choice. Always make sure when you rebel, the time is right. This could mean that the CT's are preoccupied with another rebelling T, or just have their backs turned towards you. Even though you might only kill one CT before you die, that is one less CT for your teammates to deal with later. Plus, your team gets a gun in the process. Many times in Jailbreak, it doesn't matter who is better at vanilla CS:S or who can get the headshot the most often. Instead, it is about getting the upper hand on your enemy. Keep in mind that you have teammates to help you call out enemy locations. The team work as a T is vital to winning the round overall. You do not have to rebel to win as a T, many times you can get the upper hand and win even when following orders. This is done by winning games, trivias etc. (basically following orders and winning against your own teammates) When you and one other T are left you get to do your LR, beating all the CTs in your LR will leave your whole team victorious. Many times throughout your Jailbreak game, you will find yourself with the option of entering an auto-kill zone in a map. This means that a CT catching you going into an Auto-Kill area doesn't have to issue a warning, but can instead immediately kill you. Whether or not you take it is your risk and should be thought out well. Most common auto kill areas are vents, secrets, and armoury. Last requests are commonly given and requested when there are one to two T's left alive. This means that the T can choose from various games to play against a CT to live or die. Although LR's (last requests) are not mandatory. The T can also do a custom LR or rebel. Type !lr to choose a game to play with a CT. Honorable Mentions Now that you know the basics of jailbreak, keep in mind there are certain rules for certain servers. Make sure you read those rules before you play. To read GamePunch server rules type !motd on the server or visit
  6. My first game was probably a "take care of ur dog" simulator game I forgot what it was called lmfao, but you would have to take care of your pet, walk it, bathe it, and play with it. My first console game was time splitter on the ps2 and first pc game was css
  7. I like singing, cooking, and playing any sport except basketball and softball
  8. For a quick and easy comfort food i just make fried rice. Literally just put day old rice in a pan/skillet and put whatever you want in it. I normally make egg fried rice. Ive added bell peppers, onions, carrots, green beans, and peas before, but I really like normal egg fried rice In the summer I make strawberry sherbet. Just chop strawberries in half freeze them for like 2 hours then blend them with some honey and freeze again I also really like eggplant parmesan its relatively easy to cook
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    I dont think ill be able to make it sadly i have plans for tomorrow