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  1. never liked this rule cuz ct's already give orders as they claim warden, but if another ct fumbles or something then it should be on the CT's
  2. So I've just read all the posts from Indi, Dunder and Noob and I can understand all sides. I'm actually pretty blunt so please bear with me. That being said there are some rants and 2 cents I would like to fill in from what I have access to and what I am exposed to. What Dunder has said that has stuck out was "players don't come to you, you need to have a reason for them to stay". Honestly, what GP has done creating tags and a sense of ownership is alright, but creating a cult out of being a community member is utter bullshit and being an "representative" of the community. The need to go through a screening process where you're being judged with a +1/-1 by members of the community is also bullshit. What I mean is, I'm already a representative at my job plus being judged by colleagues or management etc, I don't need this shit; I'm on CS to play a game for entertainment. That's quite the reason why many people do not want to be members of this community and just play on the game, even indi addressed me to be a member but I said yea no thanks. Adding to that, now there are member perks even to use a spray (I know about the spray issue crashing the server), I would rather not have those perks than be judged and be a part of some cult of a community for kids. The Jailbreak server is all about toxicity if you guys think outside the box. CT wants dominance, T's want to rebel, the whole damn concept in itself is a pile of hot shitting entanglement. It's how you perceive it, leading up to an action. Some people take things too seriously, and the ones that play it off cool just get fed up with the complex mess behind the scenes and just leaves. Finally, I'm here to have fun and so are others, so I could care less if I ever needed to leave the server. I could care less if the server dies or you all get into a fight. One reason I would want to stay would just to have fun and enjoy it with the people who are likeminded and have a laugh. However if management or the state of this server goes to shit, I'm more than happy to just walk away, I mean how hard is it? (theres a million CS servers, countless other games, a job, real life) Bluntly put, I don't need this server, but this server needs me to play on it.
  3. -1 CT slay day or "freeday" until orders given. You snooze you lose.
  4. FunChuern


    Even Edubb got the rules and and hes like 8 years old
  5. Not unless they have access to the DMV or Chippy is worth checking out lol
  6. Oh here you guys go, this was pretty recent. Some chick added me and asked me how I'm doing and what I'm doing. I was out with friends for a casual drink so I didn't want to reply her much, but this is the jist of the cat fishing. Enjoy guys!!
  7. My cousin did I remember a while back like 15 years ago. He had a webcam at his place and he just broke up with his GF at that time. Then suddenly some Philipino girl messaged me on Facebook asking me if I knew who my cousin was. Said she has photos of him that she wants to send me. Sent me some explicit photos obviously of him and his private parts. I asked him about it and he said it was fake after, probably tried to extort the poor guy. I've heard these stories and just didn't think they were real.
  8. Deadpool 2 sucked though, it was so badly written, idk what they call it when the main actor talks to the audience. It was so weird
  9. Theoretically a responsible warden should make it so that everyone gets a fair chance before entering the game. I do agree with you since I think I was right beside you when this happened but I thought its supposed to be implied
  10. Eric's T call is like his male mating call lol