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  1. No more testing plugins and new special days with papa dunder Anyways i wish you the best @Dunder
  2. I already see myself using the slope on the cells to rebel within 10 seconds after the cells open
  3. Dont know why more screenshots were included because i correctly recall that i was on the t team for the first 2 or 3 rounds of me joining, after that i swapped to ct for a few rounds and left to do some stuff.
  4. i started the hot pink gang by being the first to buy the skin. thanks for understanding.
  5. watching my friend try to do the backflip at the sea and fucking hit the sea from a height of 2 meters like a fucking plank. i never laughed harder in my life than that day.
  6. We have 250aa on jb and on mg, but some maps override the server settings. (i know from experience ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  7. u just assume my table ?
  8. ayy welcome back mercedes
  9. Woodworking and making furniture. I really enjoy doing that even if my hourly is 3.5usd
  10. 1- being bored 2 blasing metal on my bt speaker i made across the whole town 3 watching anime 4 photography / editing 5 EATING 6 thinking about eating food 7 playing css 8 learning something new 9 watching dankest of memes 10 shooting birds with my air rifle 11 sleeping 12 sketching 13 woodworking 14 riding my bike 15 watching denied ban appeals on the forums
  11. Best of luck in the future Moo, was fun having you as a mod