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  1. he can use decimal places ? xd my guess is 399, 390, 360, 376, 369
  2. i carve my table. with my knife. anger issues hold the #1 spot inside me
  3. excuse me indi dont u drink some fine wine
  4. i drink water flavoured coffee
  5. You did not fill out the correct LoA post , you may reapply for leaving in 30 days.
  6. Sapphire Rx570 nitro+ mini miss me with these nvidia users
  7. If calling you the word i did call you upset you so much then i owe you an apology for it. But you also have to understand that everyone on the server gets called all type of bullshit every day. You are wearing yourself put because ur too strictly binded to the rules like they are chains tugging on you. edit: alot of people hate on me too but i just ignore them because i gain nothing out of it.
  8. So i was lucky enough that a fucking bolt of lightning fried my router and now i cant play online. Better yet my rooms breakers got fried (all 4) and now i cant turn on my pc. Lmfao cya until i get back.
  9. Metal is the real shit Rappers are just singers without any skill
  10. Few of you probably noticed i dont play as much on the jb server. this is due to retarded lazy ass wardens that only play 1 game to finish off 15 terrorsits at once and give 2 players lr . This is what got me so fucking bored of playing on the jb server. Same shit every game. Even tho i do die on 80% of the rounds played due to rebelling and just trolling the warden its become more boring just to even rebel now. When i used to have fun id have the urge to rebel just to get that little adrenaline rush. its like taking drugs, you try it enough times and you will be doing it all the time. This is where i found my fun in the jb community back in 2014 on Csgo. But due to the recent players on the server it became increasingly boring just to even join the server just to find out the same players that nolife on the ct team and just do the same games and orders every fucking round. This is not me saying im quitting permanetly. but i will be absent until i feel like playing again on the jb server.