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  1. So if it becomes apparent on the server then demote them?
  2. I don't know how I feel about making the mod process have more hoops. It's worth remembering that Mods/Staff are donating their time to the community. Though its an honor to be a mod for GP, there's already a decent turnover. This isn't a high paying 9-5 job or anything. I believe the current process is almost too much. One of the largest problem with GMOD was getting sufficient staff on the server, because once I explained the member/mod application process to new players, they immediately called it a day.
  3. Thank you Glow!!! Big 2 oh baby
  4. Element115


    I got it about a year ago used. Previous owner had it about 3 months. It's still working fantastic. Great card.
  5. No, warnings is silly. It will just make it way too easy for the T's to get away with shit.
  6. Element115


    I have a similar card. EVGA 1080
  7. How could I forget you? Miss you! Hope the stonks are slappin Peace buddy
  8. oof sounds like some people were too sensitive lol.
  9. I've been here for a long time. I've had a fantastic time. I've seen the challenges and successes of GP, But I don't play any of the community games frequently anymore--and my dev work here is done. I'll be seeing the prophunt server though, but then after that I will be stepping down from my Developer position and remaining as a member. I appreciate everyone I've met over this year long adventure. I believe GP is on its feet and doing well. If ever I'm needed again, ya'll know where to reach me. Thank you @Glow for the trust and friendship we've had and thank you @Dunder for the experience you've shared with me. Goodbye for now everyone
  10. I second this. Fuck tiktok chinese spyware headass
  11. You've been a programming role model and a good friend to me. I hope we stay in touch
  12. Honestly I get the intent behind this idea. I find it very frustrating when I want a chance to warden but people are just a milisecond faster to the button, but as previously mentioned, not every CT wants to warden. I think instead we should just have moderators watch for warden hogging and give players a chance at warden. I've always felt it throws the game off when someone gets unwardened, which is why I usually just quit if they don't give me a chance to warden after 4 rounds. Anyway, just some thoughts
  13. Sad to see you go. Wishing you the best:) On a side note, as far as adding content, I have to say I think we try our best to add great content to our servers / community. Unfortunately, not every single suggestion can be added. The other devs and I have spent countless hours adding community suggested features and ideas, but this is only a volunteer thing for us too, so maybe a bit far fetched to blame staff for that. Good luck to you and your future adventures!
  14. I'm very saddened to hear this. I really wish you the best in everything you're doing. You've been my best friend in the community and helpful since I first joined a GP server. Thank you for everything. Game On my man