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  1. Hahaha the internal debate on the silence.
  2. Yeah I do but its University. So hard to say if that even counts
  3. Its great man! Hows things going for you?
  4. Just out of pure curiosity, what rules do you mean? That being said, sad to see you go. Best of luck to you on everything!
  5. Welcome to the community. It's been a pleasure gaming with you. Hope to see you active and demonstrating those pro gamer moves!
  6. Below is a nice list of things at least 50 people have already posted/asked about: 1. Expand into CounterStrike:GO 2. Add the AWP back to pub 3. Disable blocking on JB 4. GMOD darkrp server 5. A second Jailbreak server 6. Let members vote kick I will now save you the time of writing a post, by spoiling the answer for you and letting you know that managers have already answered all of these, and the answer is no You're Welcome, Sincerely, With Love, SWAK, Love, With appreciation, Best regards, Element115
  7. Ive had and seen people have this issue as well. They always ask: element why did you slay me? I have to wonder if it's possible it relates to the counter strike clipping/ falling glitch someone was walking about in another thread.
  8. isn't that literally the default home screen for apple, minus the whatsapp? LOL
  9. Believe it or not I read the book but never saw the movie. Was an awesome book though.
  10. American Sniper is one of my tops
  11. Its nice to meet you tobi! I've seen you warden quite a bit and you've been doing a great job. Always need more wardens
  12. The thing is, now that I'm in the tech field, I truly don't care anymore. No matter how hard you try, the big tech companies can and will get your information. It does not matter what you go through to protect it. If you want the luxuries of modern tech, you have to sign away your information. Plain and simple. Give up the fight. Make a Facebook, make an Instagram, use Google, use face scanning. We've already lost the battle. It's over.