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  1. oof sounds like some people were too sensitive lol.
  2. I've been here for a long time. I've had a fantastic time. I've seen the challenges and successes of GP, But I don't play any of the community games frequently anymore--and my dev work here is done. I'll be seeing the prophunt server though, but then after that I will be stepping down from my Developer position and remaining as a member. I appreciate everyone I've met over this year long adventure. I believe GP is on its feet and doing well. If ever I'm needed again, ya'll know where to reach me. Thank you @Glow for the trust and friendship we've had and thank you @Dunder for the experience you've shared with me. Goodbye for now everyone
  3. I second this. Fuck tiktok chinese spyware headass
  4. You've been a programming role model and a good friend to me. I hope we stay in touch
  5. Honestly I get the intent behind this idea. I find it very frustrating when I want a chance to warden but people are just a milisecond faster to the button, but as previously mentioned, not every CT wants to warden. I think instead we should just have moderators watch for warden hogging and give players a chance at warden. I've always felt it throws the game off when someone gets unwardened, which is why I usually just quit if they don't give me a chance to warden after 4 rounds. Anyway, just some thoughts
  6. Sad to see you go. Wishing you the best:) On a side note, as far as adding content, I have to say I think we try our best to add great content to our servers / community. Unfortunately, not every single suggestion can be added. The other devs and I have spent countless hours adding community suggested features and ideas, but this is only a volunteer thing for us too, so maybe a bit far fetched to blame staff for that. Good luck to you and your future adventures!
  7. I'm very saddened to hear this. I really wish you the best in everything you're doing. You've been my best friend in the community and helpful since I first joined a GP server. Thank you for everything. Game On my man
  8. In. I'm the greatest speller of all time. Bring it, bois
  9. Have a good one Connor! Look forward to some Monopoly when you get back
  10. Looking forward to helping out with the servers thank you to the management team! Congrats to everyone!
  11. You will be missed very much. Thank you for all your contributions to the community. You are such a great guy. Good luck on everything
  12. Goodbye Ephex. Thank you for everything you have done. I hope you enjoy your life and family it sounds like you have it in check. I'll see you around buddy