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  1. So sad and nostalgic to see it go. This was definitely GamePunch's most ambitious project ever. I will be paying respects to it tomorrow. Thank you @Connor McJesusfor your support on this adventure. I think we learned a lot and maybe do better in the future. Really glad to have been part of this project, and sad its going away. Thank you:) PS.. Thanks for helping me test late into the night @Matt
  2. So glad to hear you got accepted. GL in the academy:)
  3. Element115

    Mod+ Meeting

    Will be trying my best to make it but I cannot make promises. I have some stuff going on.
  4. GamePunch DarkRP and CityLifeRP was a blast. We had a lot of fun times and made a lot of memories. I'm so happy and proud to have been part of this venture. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the help and support you all gave. Specifically, I want to give a shout out to a few people who contributed so much to this project including: @Alex @Connor McJesus @LiL' yeet @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation @Matt @Diazepam @Payton_c @Psychoturtle @Woooooooooooo We couldn't have had such a great time with out every single one of you. Though the server was not a success this time around, maybe we see a return in the future. I will be returning to my position as JB mod; I'm so excited to return as your local and favorite warden. The CLRP server will be up for a couple more weeks, in case you want to pay respects. Thank You All, -Element115
  5. My earliest memory was searching for a JB server on CSS. Me and a friend wanted to relive some nostalgia.. and maybe do some trolling. But once we joined the server we were shocked at how kind and relaxed everyone was. It was then that we got hooked on JB. I love the community and all my friends here. Here's to one year of GP Congrats @Glow and all those who have contributed their time and effort!
  6. I fixed this issue and all should be working as intended now. Please let me know if you have anymore concerns
  7. Thanks for tagging me @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation I will be looking into this. Not the first report of this issue, but previously it was with the member rank. Thanks for the report. I will update when investigation is complete.
  8. Element115

    Mod+ Meeting


    I will be a bit late but likely attending
  9. No point in getting involved in the drama, but I think you're a cool Dandy. Not sure this is really the thing to quit over. Why pick the ant hill to die on when you can pick mount Everest? Just my opinion. I think the community has shifted away from these implied rules, and towards following the rules as they are written. Whatever your opinion on that, it's some ways better Will miss chillin' with you. Peace bro.
  10. I believe so. I know the meth dealer is fixed and I'm 90% sure I fixed the door groups.