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  1. Welcome back! Glad you got stuff sorted out
  2. Welcome to the forums! Good to see you!
  3. Too late, you already fuck yourself. But seriously, Happy Birthday!
  4. Name him Garry, in honor of Garry's Mod, GamePunch's best server
  5. Never had this but sounds scary. Something I'd never want to experience.
  6. Sorry was too busy getting a promotion
  7. Hmm for me it's small hairs on people's clothing or when the amount of chairs in a room isn't an even number. Also when anything breaks my exact and precise schedule I follow everyday Or when people call it coding rather than software development or software engineering
  8. Gonna miss you on DarkRP. Safe travels!
  9. My first and one of my favorite games I ever played on PC. add me!
  10. I'll be back to JB sometime. Right now I gotta put all my work into keeping gmod populated
  11. Not sure if insult or compliment
  12. Element115

    Good Morning!

    Wake up, hit my vape, browse the forums for a few, shower, then go to class