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  1. I wish you a happy counter strike retirement. Thank you for your dedication to community, and all the work responsible to make what GamePunch is today. You are living every mans dream with two beautiful kids and a wife. Enjoy every moment of it. I've had an amazing time playing with you since the start of GP, and I wish you the best of luck for you and your family. Stay in contact brother.
  2. I had a friend in similar situation back in the day... He removed sugar from his diet completely, cut down on carbs, started to lift weights and then stuck with high protein diet with tons of vegetables. He's now a fuckin TANK bro... I highly suggest working out ASAP. You will see progress faster than you expect and you will learn discipline that you can use with your eating habits..Get FUCKIN JACKED BRO! recreational drug abuse is a problem..gonna come back and bite me in the ass in the future.
  3. through visions of THC a true pink floyd fan would have said This album is played every trip
  5. Looks awesome,I love the nipper influence. Can't wait to play it!
  6. Will be gone without contact all of next weekend until Tuesday of next week. Going camping with some friends, there will be no cell service so will be unable to communicate. Gonna be very fun right next to the ocean, right along Gualala River. Tons of beer and bbq!
  7. my name comes from favorite black sabbath song 'lord of this world' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvcBFsBt4hg
  8. Exactly... people would rather do math trivia for some reason. with last/first reaction, instead of rewarding 1 player over a stupid math question like 6+4 to kill 3 T's to die, the last person comply with orders is killed, or if somebody isn't paying attention they die. I think this is most fair way to kill Terrorists to 'thin the heard'. This classic game has been lost for years. (funny that some people still participate, shows that people know what the game is) Math trivia is absolutely boring, such a simple game where you can delete 1/4 of the team, not only to mention favoritism towards players. If you're against math trivia for being 'unfair' or 'unskilled', why aren't you against Math Trivia? This is also another thing that needs to be brought up.
  9. There is a problem with the CT team in general, there is a lack of players joining CT team, there's a huge disproportion of NEW players joining CT over Regular players joining CT. (I'm not saying that players or members should be obligated) For the most part, there are hardly ever creative or genuine orders being given, and then by the end of the map, CT's have lost majority of the rounds, LR has been reached maybe 3-4 times out of 15+ rounds played? The T's are at a huge advantage compared to CT's in this current meta. There needs to be changes to the CT team to encourage players or balance rules. 1) The CT rules concerning secrets is an evolution of other server's "no meta-play". CT's can no longer use secrets to pursue a rebel, because its "secret". Before, if a rebelling T was in AWP window, takes a few shots, gets spotted, a CT could go into the secret to pursue the rebel. NOW on Jailbreak the CT's cannot do anything but pretend they don't know where the rebel is.... The Terrorist in this situation has the advantage, not only can he get to a gun before the CT's leave armory, if he is spotted he can never be killed as long as he stays inside the secret. suggested changes: [B3] CTs pursuing ^active rebelling Ts must use same secret as rebelling T. The CT must see the T using the secret. Remove the second sentence. CT's should be able to pursue an active rebel using secrets Thes rules are still in place: [B2] CTs cannot break secrets, unless they visibly see a T inside secret. [B6] CTs cannot camp in OR around secrets and armory 2) One major problem is that CT's have cannot kill for terrorist picking up a pistol. CT's should be able to kill T's if they see them pick up a weapon. If a weapon is dropped in the stack, and the T unholsters it, he should be killed for unholstering it, regardless of where hes looking, you can remove the option of auto pick up yourself, its your disadvantage. If the gun is in the way of orders? It should still be KOS. Its a fuckin prison and u pick up a gun lol [B10] CTs cannot kill T's for picking up weapons, but can kill for passing a weapon after instructed not to. *[B10] CTs can kill T's for picking up weapons or un-holstering weapons, but can't be killed for it passed. (NOT GRENADES) This is my opinion on what rules should be changed, feel free to disagree. I don't think my suggestions are perfect, I want to spark a conversation. I still think CT's are an inherent disadvantage towards T's. If this was jailbreak 5 years ago, there would be no debate over un-holstering weapons or picking up weapons, CT using secrets to kill rebel. The maps are getting older, players are getting better, there are no 'secrets' anymore, there is a lack in authentic orders and role play, it is turning into a pub stomp.