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  1. 1. Now that we've tidied up the rules, can we remove a bunch of obsolete maps? 2. Can we get clarification on First / Last Reaction & Opinion Days specifically Joke Day
  2. Depends on what you find horrific. I don't find religion/spirits, gore, or jump scares "scary". Reality is most scary. These are the films I have find 'scary' (Trying not to give spoilers here...) Jacob's Ladder (1990) - Vietnam Vet returns home and has delusions/hallucinations...Classic psychological 'thriller' The Thing (1982) - Who is The Thing? You can't trust your friends. Das Boot (1981) - Follows a crew of a Nazi German U-Boat, who have to accept their fate... U-Boats 75% causality rate (highest in German forces during the war). A Man's duty for family, race, and country even if they don't agree with what they're told to do.
  3. I enjoy the server, very fun to play Rust with the GP guys. I believe you should remove TP from the game. Really waters down the experience and removes most PvP aspects. Have you thought about lower the gather rates to 2x? I feel that with the 5x, it removes long term gratification. The early stages of the game bow and arrow / satchel raids are obsolete, as well most items can be researched and crafted within a couple hours. I feel that a 2x server would increase the amount of time players will spend on the server trying to progress into late game.
  4. Round Table Pizza. I was 16, I threw in a small pepperoni pizza and gave it habibi guy at 7/11 next door and he then sold me my first pack of cigarettes and a pint of vodka. I got paid minimum wage, I think it was $9.00/hr at the time. It was great fun, getting loaded every night on the clock, free food. One thing I learned while I worked there: is to never order a Pizza from a "fastfood" pizzeria an hour before they close... that pizza has probably been sitting on a shelf for a few hours before the toppings are put on it - best time to order is during the rush hour or before dinner.
  5. I would not recommend moving to SF! I've lived in California for most of my life. SF is extremely expensive! You pay extraordinarily high taxes and have to deal with so much crime and degeneracy. Police will not investigate burglary's unless more than 800$ was stolen - So if somebody breaks into your car you're pretty much fucked. The high paying jobs in SF do not last very long, especially with the cost to maintain a business in or around Marin / SF. Northern California is the best part of the state. We got guns, redwood forests, and lots of wine. I am not even going to mention people from southern california, better off that way.
  6. I don't have rocket league but, hopefully we play some games like pictionary and town of salem
  7. 1 beef supreme 2 Two Dads 3 Tech N9ne
  8. lordofthedepths

    Mod+ Meeting

    I will be there
  9. PlanetSide was MMOFPS, started playing in 2006, RIP
  10. Experienced this once, I realized I couldn't move, my reaction was to scream, and I realized that I couldn't scream, felt like i was suffocating. This lasted about 15 seconds, I then woke up and was like, shit and then put down the pipe.
  11. Page was the reason why I picked up guitar 8 years ago (ouch shit). So many innovative techniques in the studio, Page mesmerizing the world with all those incredible guitar layers. Could talk about this for ages (we should). Best performance of The Song Remains the Same ( this is January in 1973 - 3 months before the Movie version) Can really tell the difference between his voice change happened all of a sudden.. in result of the 1973 Tour.
  12. Thanks for reminding me of that Entombed album. Great 3x3 dude My fellow Zephead, do you listen to any of their bootlegs? 1970-71 has some killer performances.
  13. https://xsaardo.github.io/Album-Art-Collage-Creator/ Post your current 3x3 ^ no rap and no posers