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  1. SAO, SAO II, Evangalion Neo Genesis, and My Little Pony :0
  2. In 5th grade, I got punch in the stomach for defending a girl from a bully. then my appendix ruptured on the spot and I almost died
  3. my friend had an account named 'hahalongbread' and I thought it was funny. so when he changed his name, I asked if i could use it. i was very high during that time so it was really funny...
  4. you know what really grinds my gears? INDIGLOW IS A HACKER!!! He used noclip as warden one time on jailbreak : ) i'm just kidding he isn't really a hacker (or is he??????) idk ( :
  5. If you haven't seen SHAMELESS, go watch it. It is about a family in Chicago, and their daily struggles with drugs, their father, etc.. Very good show, highly recommend