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  1. The fact that you can't just respectfully disagree with someones beliefs anymore, and you can't share beliefs with both ends of the spectrum - you have to be hard-line left or right. When it came up in conversation and I said the #metoo movement was something I understand but don't support, my coworker looked at me like I was a wife beater and said I'm not an "ally". Likewise when I noted I support gay marriage to some of my right spectrum friends, they looked at me like I was trying to choke down a dick right in front of them.
  2. Went on a trip to Ireland with some friends. We were exploring the aran islands and climbing some of the old remains of what I think were castles? Ripped my khakis right open across the ass climbing a particularly high bit. We sorta came to this moment where I could let it screw up the trip or say fuck it. Continued the trip with my boxers hanging out. We went to pretty fancy restaurant for dinner later, and I had to awkwardly avoid the workers from seeing my backside before being seated.
  3. It works, but you have to have simple vocabulary and structure.
  4. Here is an example with more specific job details than the generic student one I posted:
  5. I agree with above. I'm going to be SUPER frank as a guy who reviews dozens of resumes every hiring season: Format is hot garbage. Use a template. Universities will generally have sample student resume formats you can follow: While it is common to have responsibilities, it is better to think of them as accomplishments. You worked at a tropical Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer or co-worker. Managed time? Tell me about a specific instance where your time management was essential. No one cares that you graduated a year early or did college math. Just list your academics like the sample I linked. Listing soft skills is worthless, integrate it into the descriptions of your responsibilities/accomplishments. You're a natural leader? Prove it by describing how that shined when you trained two employees Photographic memory? If that's true, that is worth listing in a more specific way. Describe how you used your photographic memory to solve a problem or win a competition. Make your hard-skills more specific as well. Tech Savvy? What does that mean? Do you know how to program? What language? Interests..."medieval combat training"...unless you are applying for security jobs, skip that ish. You have minimal work experience. I would boost this with a Clubs section and a Projects section, talking about key roles you played in clubs and some projects you did in your tech school related to the "hands-on" experience you mentioned. Post an update and I'll take another look. If you do, just change your name to Spike in the next version and replace the school names with GamePunch University or something if you post it, so we can see the final format better.
  6. I appreciate everyone who replied, and I also thank those of you who offered kind words of support. Just as an update, I went to the doc last week and my bloodwork came back normal for the most part...not ideal but nothing egregiously bad considering. I regret not going to a physician just to get help in the beginning. I tried VLCD, Weight Watchers, Paleo and Keto on my own, but every day felt like a battle and every meal was disappointing. Doc listened to my eating habits and recommended the OMAD (One Meal A Day) diet. I've got to say, after ages of struggling with Yo-Yo dieting, I think I've found the one. With this format, I just stay hydrated through the day and then eat a roughly 2000 calorie meal in the evening with some vitamins - no special meds. Which basically means i can eat a reasonable portioned serving of almost anything I want. I've lost 15 pounds in a week, which is ridiculous. Though the doc noted that I would have some crazy early weight drop off due to water weight, and to only expect 1-2 lbs a week after that. But I've gotta say, this is pretty much the dream diet for me in that I don't feel like I'm fighting every day to maintain it. I wake up in the morning and have a black tea, then i drink green tea and water throughout the day. By the time I am really hungry around 4-5, I just eat my meal. Do some homework, play some CSS, and hit the sack. Ezpz. Man after typing this almost makes me want to laugh thinking back to how much effort I put into things like "BistroMD"...attempting to keep up eating like 5-6 times a day with these tasteless, tiny, baby-sized meals --- never really feeling satisfied. Anyways tl;dr: I found a solid diet that I've been able to stick to, with the help of a doc I visited recently. So thanks all for the kind words of support.
  7. Just wanted to make a thread where the can have some real talk with one another. What is something you need help with or advice on, or just something you want to dump into the internet aether? Money, drugs, parents, school, depression, whatever... If you're a dick, do not proceed - let's keep it civil. To get the party started: My weight has been a huge issue for me. I love food and I'm fat as hell. Going to a doc next week to start a weight loss plan because I haven't really been seeing any changes with plain diet and exercise. I've put on a lot of muscle over the past few months, so my friends joke that I am going bearmode now...but I'd really like to slim down as well. My next step will probably be Keto of VLCD, but I want to get physician input. Beyond that life is good. Job and education-wise I am fairly solid. This is just a major hole in my lifestyle that I need to address. Not really looking for advice - just wanted to dump what was on my mind. Feel free to do the same
  8. How're you feeling about that finale now...?
  9. After having lived in Ireland for half a year, I'd 100% love to live in Galway. I love the lifestyle in Ireland. You can just go out and feel like everyone is your family. I'd waste so much time in the mornings talking shit with the lady who ran the local convenience store. At the pubs and bars you can just turn to someone and start talking with anyone (grandpas to 10/10 bombshells) - no one gives you that "do i know you?" look. There's also not a day that the streets aren't filled with music. Dream life would be a Japanese aesthetic or modern chalet house in Ireland, working for one of the local hospitals.
  10. As far as rock, two of my underrated favorites are: Levitating by To Whom Passenger by Deftones (ft. Maynard James Keenan) Levitating.mp3
  11. Three years working in a tissue engineering/regenerative medicine research center as a biomedical engineer. The "cool" factor of everything carried me through the first year. After I had basically learned everything, it all became insanely tedious. Didn't help that I had a boss who was super new to the field - so she was out to prove herself. (Through I've gotta admit I wouldn't have gotten the job fresh out of undergrad if she wasn't new - so I am thankful for the opportunity.) Any time we didn't get positive results, she would blow up at us and make us redo experiments from scratch while micromanaging us to see where we screwed up. It was like she had forgotten that a basic part of research is ending up with negative results. I get it though, the overall culture was publish/results or leave. Very toxic, so I dipped out into consulting after we finally wrapped up our knee joint regeneration project and I've been pretty happy ever since.
  12. This is my 100% my jam. I love collecting/gifting colognes and perfumes. Right now my rotation for spring and summer is Creed Aventus and Amouage Reflection Man. In fall my go to is Valentino Uomo Intense and D&G The One. In winter I will always go to Pure Malt, Pure Havane, or By the Fireplace - with a few others saved for special nights. As far as recommendations, I've gifted a couple girls Flowerbomb and Carven recently. Having hung out with them while they were wearing them, both project really well and have solid longevity. Though they are clean scents that smell "beautiful". I've gotta agree with the above - if you want that scent that is a straight up sex in a bottle - Viva la Juicy and its variants are pretty much untouchable.