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  1. Thank you, I'm going to a tech school so I will have plenty of access to computers then so once I get a basic routine going I will let you know when I am ready to come back.
  2. Hey shit lords A lot has been going on in my life right now; I am leaving for my freshman year of college and on top of all the stress and confusion I am experiencing a sort of Butterfly Effect. Lots of personal affairs have been happening recently and I am not sure how active I will be on here for the foreseeable future. I am not leaving GP, but my activity will likely plummet once I leave for college this monday. In case I don't get the chance to be on the servers in the coming days I just want to say I love you all and its been a total blast being on here. Wish you all the best, Deaf-e-antce
  3. I use this cute lil ASUS GTX 1070ti Turbo pretty underrated card in my opinion.
  4. For my desktop I use Windows 10 (duh) I recently bought a Microsoft Surface Book GO which comes with a lite version with Windows that won't even let you install fucking chrome so I am planning on wiping it and installing Ubuntu onto it before I leave for college on the 19th of August.
  5. More often that not I am either playing CSS or Clone Hero On occasion I go on my ps4 and pick at some single player games I have been working at for awhile now (Persona 5 and The Amazing Spiderman primarily).
  6. Currently I am enrolled as an incoming freshman for a private tech college as a Software Engineer with a minor in Video Game Development (in this college that is an actual major). I want to do multiple things with my skill sets actually. My twin brother has autism and I always see these crappy programs they charge parents hundreds for, I want to find a solution that is far more efficient and cost effective (free?). I also want to create tools for open source download that I come up with over time (really small simple tools unless I think of something complicated). My main aspiration is to work in the Video Game Industry as a programmer with specialization in Graphics Engineering (not the artwork, the way the computer interprets and renders graphics for your sexy eyes to see). I am sort of picky with what game studios I want to work for (fuck EA). My albeit end goal is to work for Valve (pretty hard to land a job there but if you can pull it off you are going to live a very nice life haha). Other companies I would love to work for are Platinum Games (Nier: Automata, Bayonetta), Square Enix, Activision/Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Studios, Nintendo, BioWare, Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Obsidian Entertainment (The Outer Worlds, KOTR), and ATLUS (the Persona series, Catherine)
  7. My knowledge on rap is limited but I do know a few hidden gems you may like. Akala - Love this man, his lyricism is off the fucking charts here's some of his latest work here and this is my personal favorite of his A Game Named Life Lowkey - A lot of good ass songs that speak truth, here's the first song of his that came to mind Immortal Technique - If you have never heard this classic then definitely check it out when you have the time. Lupe Fiasco (his new stuff is modernized as shit but his older stuff imo is gold) - Here is my favorite song of his
  8. Hmm alright it depends on what you're looking for. You want something more laid back or balls to the wall batshit crazy metal?
  9. Personally I listen to a very wide range of music but my favorite is metal. The reason being so is metal is so diverse and filled with so many subgenres there's always something new you can do with it. If I am not listening to metal I listen to things such as jazz, classical, rap/hip-hop, indie, electronic, rock, post-hardcore, classic rock, and some obscure progressive rock/metal bands that don't fit into any specific genre.
  10. Literally just got my Oneplus 6t in the mail today.
  11. Honestly I was always terrible at naming myself. I am just not very creative in that retrospect so I often just use the same names for everything over and over. When I was like, I don't know, 13 I wanted a name that was edgy and "rebellious" that didn't sound corny or too cringy. Rebeller sounds obviously stupid so the next word that came into my head was Defiant and then Defiance was born.
  12. Defiance


    The problem about a power supply is that if it breaks, it often takes other things with it. This is usually being the motherboard. Try a different power supply (even if you go to your local tech store im sure they could lend ya one) and see if the error persists. Have you tried unplugging the hard drive and booting up to bios?
  13. Defiance

    Good Anime

    Kimetsu no Yaiba is a show that is still currently airing and it's an absolute gem filled with action, jaw dropping animation, awesome music, and a dope story. Dororo is an anime that just finished airing and is pretty good, if you want more grittyish samurai ninja esc type of action this is your show. Goblin Slayer was a fun action/dark fantasy anime. Pretty graphic imagery/topics (mostly just the first episode and a few other moments throughout the entire show) shit ton of action. Parasyte: the maxim is a pretty good show some people classify as horror but if you consider hands as aliens horror then this is an action horror (its really just an action drama though its very good) Sarazanmai is a very very VERY off beat show that has great characters and drama with plenty of action and moments that will make you say "What the fuck is happening on my screen right now" If you want a show thats funny/weird/action but doesn't skip on drama and the feels then this is for you. Steins;Gate isn't a underrated or offbeat type of anime but this is something I whole hardheartedly recommend to anyone who likes a good story period. After around episode 12 the show takes a huge shift in tone to something like a drama/thriller/psy. horror/action while the first half is more tame. The Promised Neverland is probably what you are looking for. Anime finished not too long ago and I actually am caught up on the manga for this one since I absolutely love it. If I had to pick a show out of this list that sounds the closest to what you are looking for this is the one. Also I want to mention Dr. Stone, it literally only just aired it's first episode but it's very promising and I think you may end up liking it. Some other shows that are worth mentioning and or were shows I figured you already have seen or are 'mainstream' Assassination Classroom, Angel Beats!, Another, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 (especially season 2), Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack On Titan
  14. Defiance

    Good Anime

    I got a lot of odd balls. What are you looking for? Entertainment? An experience? Something to f'ed up and watch blindly?
  15. Ayy man good to see ya idiot on jb thinking he knows how to rebel.