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  1. HAHAHA Thats nothing boss. my other account
  2. Goodluck during your meetings, I am in favor of all perm bans
  3. Welcome to the community Its recommended that you read the rules of the server because ive noticed you've been breaking a few on jailbreak be a little more mindful and have fun
  4. Any medley made by Kid Travis on youtube, he mainly does album medleys of xxxtentacion and they're all amazing, ill link my favorite
  5. Your response must complete the following criteria 1. Atleast 1 headass / having ass in your response that is all i want to be obliterated Reveal hidden content to see me
  6. I got 2 nike trainers and black af1 hightops i plan on getting white af1 hightops but mans got no money
  7. @CharlieyEs, Ill give a few Obviously mufasas death. Seseme street when big bird was asking about mr. hooper wondering where he was, not understanding that mr.hooper died and wont be coming back Courage the cowardly dog When courage and his parents were being flown into space by the scientist, courage escaped but watched his parents fly off never to be seen again. Rug rats when chucky learns about his mothers death
  8. oi?

    Sorry Fam

    @SkyCome back soon so i can kill you in jailbreak again
  9. i will slap a furry so hard they lose all their sonic rings
  10. basically my friend had the name what?, he is from london so i made my name oi? and it stuck
  11. Black mirror is a good one