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  1. As of recently it's been Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2, I'm a sucker for these shoot n loot games. Aside from those big 2 it's really random what I play, whether it be an occasional indie game or some decently known single player titles (too many to name actually lmao)
  2. I've been playing the game off and on since 2014. I was bad pretty and unironically nova up until mid 2016 where I started to take the game more seriously and grind to a high level, by the end of that following year I established myself as a solid player (holding lem-smfc in mm/playing 3rd party competitive services occasionally ie. ESEA/Faceit). Now I just occasionally play mm with some friends of mine and sometimes community servers (minigames/bhop/retakes/executes). Not at a level I'd like to be back at but I'm just hovering around DMG. While I hear tons of shit about people hating the game, it's more of a love-hate relationship that tons of us have with the game. We'll make complaints about shit in the game but we keep coming back to play it again and again. Those who are still playing source over GO I completely understand cause you just need a break from that (or you don't play it at all idk how some of you are xd), and trust me I've been finding myself coming back to source lately after the almost 3 year off and on grind of the latter game. My passion for source and GO are huge (no pun intended). There hasn't been games quite like these to keep me invested for over 5 1/2 years now, which is really tough to comprehend, and I probably wouldn't have wrote this long ass thing after just my initial paragraph otherwise.
  3. @!NickelPlated45 is a very nice guy, he sends me some amazing content in Discord PMs, damn I love how funny and nice that guy is haha!
  4. The god sens in global offensive is 2.2 ingame sens/ 450 DPI, in source the god sens is 1.2 ingame/800 DPI Been using the Logitech G502 for almost 4 years now, worthy of legendary peripheral status. (you're not guaranteed to get the same results that I normally get using this sens just a heads up, this is my preference) Couldn't stick just my CS:S sens in considering I've played both games an unhealthy as fuck amount.
  5. Amateurs. (checked my time on CS:S since I idled a ton on another server, ended up being 2254 hrs.) What's unfortunate is I spent more time on community servers altogether than actually playing the actual game.
  6. If you use anything that isn't "xd" block me, thanks.
  7. If I was asked this a year or two back, it would've been Re: Zero no questions asked. As of seeing Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken last fall, I pretty much came to my personal conclusion that it was my favorite, and the best thing I've seen in a long time period tbh. Links to both anime pages on MAL since they're both bangers: