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  1. Probably Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Game looked fine graphically for 2002 standards. Game on the other hand was absolutely terrible to play from start to end with so many bugs (you could literally finish the game in under 5 minutes), obnoxiously long load times, other bad things etc. I don't know what Spyro did after a pretty damn great trilogy to deserve treatment like Enter the Dragonfly and... whatever those repetitive & boring as hell Legend of Spyro beat em' ups are supposed to be.
  2. Guys my brother joined please welcome him thank you. Welcome @kuri
  3. My favorite anime is Billy Madison, the eponymous character portrayed by Adam Sandler is my favorite of it too. An extremely underrated anime character along with being quite the complex one in my eyes.
  4. chad

    Songs You Like

    You've sinned for mentioning my favorite band but not linking them. Disappointed. Posting personal fav songs from each album, I have to (note may be more than 1 mentioned cause god damn i love every soad song.) For Toxicity if it's not Deer Dance it's Aerials. Also for Mezmerize if this song isn't my fav then it's a contest between Sad Statue and Lost in Hollywood regularly (although B.Y.O.B. has been my all time fav from this band since I heard it in 2005 so uh..) And if Holy Mountains isn't my fav off Hypnotize it's a hard choice between Soldier Side/Attack/Vicinity of Obscenity.
  5. chad

    Songs You Like

    fuck it me three jumping into the lp train
  6. Outside my bedroom window at night you can see what looks like a silhouette just standing there wearing a yellow jacket. The later into the night and closer to morning it was like 3:40 A.M. is when I usually saw this when I used to stay up all night all the time. It absolutely scared the shit out of me when I first saw it, and even if I see it now I'm just still wondering what the heck it is. During the daytime I went back into that little clearing where I saw it (armed of course) and there was nothing there.
  7. Sometime a year or two ago I was just listening to a friend play the acoustic intro of this song for a while. Some fucking how I had NEVER heard this song despite hearing it being known as a legendary song, so whenever we were talking about how I didn't hear it I decided to mute and give it a try. When I finished a few listens of it cause it took a minute to grow on me, I was absolutely blown away at how this released in the time that it did, and it sounded that damn beautiful. Afterwards, I had heard some other Zeppelin songs by chance (such as "Kashmir" / "When the Levee Breaks") and I just decided to give the whole discography a go and I loved all of it. I still actively come back to a decent amount of songs by this band and everything still holds up like I heard it the first time back then.
  8. Years and years and years ago I loved this song cause the instrumentation was (and still is IMO) pretty damn awesome. I still like the track a bit but these lyrics are just lmao to hear. I've heard this band is hated a ton but honestly I've really never understood, I just listen to the music and never pay attention to the lyrics. Lyrics are pretty garbage and all that but the music is damn good especially by the guitar and bass players in this band.
  9. Nothing wrong with just being classic and going for pepperoni on your pizza.
  10. chad

    Favorite rap?

    I don't fuck with rap much but here's some favorite songs of mine (I generally haven't listened to an entire hip hop artist's catalogue, usually a decent amount of songs)
  11. chad

    Songs You Like

    gonna just not put stuff from my all time favorites i put on the other thread so uh... stuff i'm enjoying atm that aren't stuff from my other thing. there's more than this i'm just trying to throw a bit of variety in here