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  1. Can't go wrong with a good grill
  2. I am extremely happy to see the first step of recognizing and taking responsibility has been done. It is vital for us to recognize our previous, current, and future flaws to develop positively from them, and I am sure with enough dedication and cooperation from the community, GP can recover from the hardships it currently faces. Will it be easy? No, some of these issues are rooted deeply within the community and this isn't something we can change overnight, but, I am hopeful we can push through one step at a time and recover from all of this. Thank you for making this post.
  3. I'd like to add something, a message to everyone upset with where GP is and where it is headed: there are the right people to blame and the wrong people to blame. Blaming the mods that are only trying to do what they are tasked with does not help, it is the broken leadership they must deal with that results in such inconsistent punishments or decisions by them. Please do not take what is purely the leadership's issues out on them, as I am increasingly seeing this trend happening. They are as much confused/upset as some of you may be, so please keep that into consideration before you lash out and say something you might not want to. To directly reply to this thread though, it is a shame that is how your time ended here. To think that not even staff members can receive an expected and deserved amount of respect really puts into perspective how much the community values, say, a member. This can directly be linked to the fact that any complaint or concern is generally swept under the rug until months later when someone will bring it back up just for it to get swept under the rug once more. With most of the servers being dead at most times, and Jailbreak growing more and more toxic and unwelcoming by the day, I seriously cannot fathom how GP has not seen this issue and taken it head-on. I tried my best to keep a spark of hope for the community, as I do love it and the members I have met and played with, but time and time again I am greeted with reasons why that can't be. Whether it be the recent Discord rule, the disconnect some staff members have with reality regarding hate speech and racism, the toxicity that goes unanswered outside of "It is always like that", and much more, I just came to a point where I did not have the energy to keep trying. I'd like for GP to prove me wrong, for the community to actually take steps in the right direction to make the server as good as it once was, and I would happily come back if this were the case, but unfortunately, I simply do not see it being the case.
  4. Pretty ironic that you'd be the one to guide someone on how to get their concerns heard out when your message you sent on Discord, which essentially encompasses every concern he/others have or may have, dismisses them. The platform used to make a concern heard does not make it more or less valid, and trying to push that idea is just stupid.
  5. TIL having valid concerns about the community = "bitching" And instead of addressing the concerns properly, the solution is to "fucking leave" Couldn't have stated my thoughts better than you have here, it is sad to see this is what it has come to with the community.
  6. When I first joined the GP jailbreak server, it was a fresh and welcome experience; I could go on daily and have fun with the community. As time has gone on, unfortunately, I can no longer say I enjoy the community or being apart of it for many reasons. I don't want to fill this thread with every complaint I have, so I will end it with a thank you. Thank you to everyone I have met here, everyone I have become good friends with, and everyone that I have had not the greatest relationships with. At the end of the day this is just the internet, and truly do not mean any ill-intention behind what I may have said during my presence. I wish nothing but the best for the community moving forward, and the best for everyone apart of it. Goodbye.
  7. Stay strong brother, wishing the best for you and her.
  8. You were always fun to play with, and one of the members I respected the most, a no bullshit but laid back kinda person. I'll miss you bud. Good luck with what you do going forward.
  9. You did well with your position in the community, it is sad to see you go. Take it easy, brother.
  10. ChuckNK

    GP Merch

    Small items like cups, phone cases, maybe hats, etc.
  11. ChuckNK


    Rap. To name a few artists (I've done this like 3 times on the forums in the past month lol): JID, Denzel, X, Ski Mask, 21 Savage, and others.
  12. Well...another legendary map down. @Stompy it was fun while it lasted
  13. ChuckNK

    Public Apology

    Damn bruh I thought you did something more serious because of this thread. People need to grow the fuck up, this was blatantly a joke and shouldn't hurt your image in the community. Respect for apologizing for calling others "snowflakes" though, especially when you didn't need to.
  14. These are all great! Could you make a cursed Lego Yoda for me?
  15. When I am trying to just chill I always listen to J.I.D, dope ass rapper and extremely underrated IMO. Others I listen to include Denzel Curry, Ski Mask, xxxtentacion, Lil Uzi, Kanye, J Cole, tyler, and 21 savage.