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  1. Cherry Coke is great. That's about the only soda I like though. Regarding alcohol, Old Camp whiskey.
  2. Yeah that's good but you can't beat that pre cooked chicken in the back of walmart lol
  3. Newest rule to JB helps reduce the confusing orders, so there is that. As for the plugin itself, it is hard to say. Some would obviously use it to target certain wardens they don't like, regardless if they follow the rules or not. But on the other side, some wardens may be inexperienced or just not good. I don't think it is needed.
  4. ChuckNK


    I know rap has a bad reputation of being "mumble" these days, but there are some good artists. JID, Ski Mask The Slump God, 21 Savage (newer stuff is really great IMO), Travis Scott (older stuff is his best IMO), and Denzel to name a few
  5. Community college is the plan!
  6. We'll have one once restrictions lift, though that could be a while unfortunately. Thank you all so much.
  7. Today I went to pick up my diploma, marking the end of high school for me. Just wanted to make this thread to say thank you to the community for helping ease some of those stressful nights, especially in the past few months with Corona and all. Much love.
  8. Are there any games in particular the team is looking at for community expansion? Personally I would love to see Terraria implemented. EDIT: was answered before you got to questions
  9. I struggle with keeping myself busy. If I have nothing to do, I begin to feel unproductive, which leads to me being a little depressed.
  10. Chuck - nickname of my dad. First used it way back in 2013 with a game called Clash of Clans NK - NaturalKillers, my first Clash Royale clan me and my friends made when the game first came out 3 years ago. Sadly none of them play it anymore but I still keep the NK part because it has grown on me. Yes, I am heavily a clash nerd lol.
  11. Hey, my name is ChuckNK. Some of you may know me from CSS. I mainly play JB but I regularly go to MG. Cool community so I decided to come here, hopefully I can settle in well.