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  1. Hey guys itsa me kuroboi As yall may/may not have noticed that I've been pretty inactive this past week and probabbly will continue to be, since I'm busy with uni and a few projects that I'm currently working on. With that being said I've decided to leave the community since i will not be playing as much as before, I've met alot of great people in here, made alot of memories and most importantly had fun. Well its been great being part of this community, and with that i bid yall farewell.
  2. I think you meant "If a CT is where a secret leads". Anyway thanks for taking the time to clarify a lot of stuff, as a mod i find this very helpful and will make sure to enforce it.
  3. Also make sure you don't press any turn binds they slay you here (+left and +right)
  4. UPDATE : This problem has been fixed, it was indeed a problem with my ISP. Feel free to lock this thread and mark is as resolved.
  5. I'm already using windows, its just i took these screenshots on full screen browser. I did what u told me and you were right, the website was down for me but the isitdown website said otherwise, so i did some more research and i found out that there's a problem with my ISP, I've contacted them since i have the same problem on some other websites and i hope they fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for the help guys
  6. Recently in the few last weeks the website became extremely laggy and sometimes doesn't even respond as you can see in attachment file in post above, I've tried different browsers different computers and even resorted to VPN but still didn't change anything. Does this only happen to me for some reason or does it happen to you lot too? PS : For some reason it didn't let me write on the post nor edit to add text on the post above so I'm just leaving this as a reply.
  7. I used to play alot of games, now i just play css and gmod.
  8. Hey dude welcome to the forums, you dont sound like 13 in-game you sound older hahaha. Enjoy your stay buddy
  9. We are very grateful for everything you have done to this community, we hope you enjoy yourself and best of luck. Make sure to stop by from time to time
  10. Hi guys! My name is ᴷᵘʳOᶜʰᵃⁿ(KurOchan) I'm from morocco I'm 18 years old about to be 19 on july 31st. and I've been a part of Game Punch for quite a while now, so I thought it was about time I introduced myself! I've decided to sing up on the forums to keep uptodate with what's new and what not, in addition to applying for membership in the near future. I usually play on MG and JB even PUB. If you see me in-game, say hi! Thanks, and I hope you all have a great day!